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  1. Changing avatars in the menus to names

    I'm Sorry, I really haven't explained myself well. I also got confused as for what the original menus look like because I edited them quite a while ago using SRD's SuperToolEngine. Anyways, what I wish to have is something like that: The little window with the actor names will show up only...
  2. Changing avatars in the menus to names

    So I dislike the appearing of avatars in the menus. Hiding it with SRD's super tool engine, but it's not really doing the job because I still should go through these menus even if they're no shown. So how do I change that? How do I make that when I click on menu options like 'skills' or 'status'...
  3. Several problems with an item that can be located

    Well then, thank you. I had the feeling this problem can be solved without using plugins, because there are cases when event won't reset to it's original state, because a switch is activated. Guess it doesn't work if the switch is trying to change a location. Anyways thank you for the relpy...
  4. Several problems with an item that can be located

    So, I have some item that when used, you put it down on the map. Like a building system. It works in a way that when the item is used, it triggers a common event, and the common event moves an event from outside the map to the player location (via variables) There is also a variable that the...
  5. Make event go on autonomous movement out of the player's sight

    So I'm making these guards who are patrolling the castle, and they're moving in a specific route. This is, if the player doesn't see the guard, he won't start moving, which is a serious problem for me. I saw a solution idea to make a parallel event that moves the event - But I can't do it...
  6. Changing the abilities of an item after an event is activated

    Thank you! The Variable in damage formula was exactly what I needed. Issure solved.
  7. Changing the abilities of an item after an event is activated

    I want there to be an item - that every time it's used, it gets better and the price is getting higher. I thought of calling a common event when the item is bought\absorbed, and the common event will increase the HP it recovers (or whatever else) at the same amount each time. How do I do it? Is...
  8. Missing json after installing YEP

    Edit: I did so and the problem solved! Thank you very much
  9. Missing json after installing YEP

    So I had Sumrndm's Super tool engine installed, and then I also installed Yanfly's core engine. After I installed the YEP, It shows the loading screen and then says "Failed to load data/Map014.json". There seems to be no resources to install in the YEP page, so what is this problem and how do I...
  10. RPG Maker shows like there are no files in the folder

    My img folder is there. Data folder is there too, they're both full of the default stuff. (Both the folder of the game and the RPG maker itself...) I have the steam version, I did change fonts, and edited the "windows" image in imgs, and that's it about stuff I changed in the project\files. But...
  11. RPG Maker shows like there are no files in the folder

    So for example, I start a new project. I go to Database > System > Title screen, now "images:" will have the default "Castle" picture in it from the titles folder. But now when I click on it to change it (same goes for any other resources in the game. Trying to load actor sprites, music, or...

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