Minoru Leonardo

Someone who's been using RPG Maker since its 2000 (2k) version.

Created and started numerous projects on about every Maker (2000, 2003, XP, VX and VX Ace) but never actually published anything.

I already started an unnamed project started on the 20 day version trial of RPG Maker MV.

For now I am currently waiting for RPG Maker MV going on a 75% sale on Steam because it costs over 130 bucks in the country where I live in which is A LOT. Hopefully it'll be on sale in the Holiday Sale... though I highly doubt it'll be anything over than 33%... 50% at best which is not enough for me. Hooray for the perils of living on a tight budget.

I am not a composer, not a mapper and much less a programmer, just a writer. English isn't my first language either, so forgive if whatever I say comes out sounding weird or wrong.

I am particularly fond of creating new characters. If you want me to read the story or your game or about the characters you made, don't be afraid to ask me. I am no professional writer, though, just someone else who likes writing.

I'm not really a people person and I tend to be blunt with words.

Sounds like a cop out for when I back myself into a corner for saying something stupid? Who knows. I try to ponder twice, thrice what I write, but we all end up saying things that may come out wrong.

I'm good at keeping things running rather than starting them (if that makes any sense).
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I like to write, review stories and am particularly fond of creating characters.

I dislike drama, horror or overly-cynical settings as I think the real world has more than enough of it as it is.

I am not a composer, not a mapper and much less a programmer, just a writer.


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