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    Let your kids be creative!

    Nicely done, this is one those "I'm not looking for it, but I might need it" type of things I like to keep.
  2. Minoru Leonardo

    What would make a battle tutorial more interesting?

    A lot of players don't like when they feel like the game is "holding their hands". Giving an option to skip the tutorial is always welcome, which is doubly useful for anyone playing the game again. I like when the game keeps things clean and clear in a tutorial. Things like "how to Attack" and...
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    Nationality is something that somewhat shapes a person in real life, so I don't see a problem doing it with your characters as well, just make sure to take a look around and research a little not to make your characters come off as stereotyped or worse, racist (unless that is a plot point or...
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    An MC That Sucks And Consistently Sucks

    Nobody likes the "master of none" type of characters. Versatility is one thing but when the character is too weak to keep up and worst: you can't even drop him out of your party he's bound to be widely hated people will probably wonder what the creator was thinking. You can make the character...
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    Knowing when to finish the story?

    This is something that happened to me a couple of times. The story I had in mind lasted much shorter than I planned and I hated the feeling of having to leave a concept I once made and liked very much. But nothing stops you from splitting the game/story in more parts and continue later when you...
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    Is it me or does it feel like everyone is abandoning VX Ace?

    This sums up my feelings. A couple of years later the same thing might happen to MV as well. That said the main reason I decided not to give continuity on my project on VX Ace and wait for MV to get on a sale is for what people would consider trivial: the character generator is better (much...
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    Knowing when to finish the story?

    This is something you "feel" (God, I hate using that corny line), but it's how it goes. Read your story over and think about any possibility you may have left behind, if there's something you can add or remove. Remember that if even you, the creator, feels the story is dragging on too long it...
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    Ideas for Mute Characters

    For a moment I thought you were asking for ideas on silent protagonist, but mute ones... I dunno. Depending on the era or how serious your game is your character could attempt to comunicate via writing (with notebook papers) or something. I'd suggest body language too but that would be...
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    Weapon / Armor variety in games

    As long as the weapons have an actual impact on your characters statuses and makes a difference against enemies (at least one type) from other weapons I think it's fine. I really don't like when games force the player to change weapons for measly status increases or one-time utility.
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    Do you make armor and/or shields grant Elemental Resistance?

    It depends on your project and overall taste for elemental affinities and if you're up to program everything. Personally I don't like when a game tosses something like 10 elemental types and forces you to learn every single one of them. I tend to keep it single with 3~5 elements at maximum...
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    Looking for a battler with a "battle start" animation

    I'm not sure how helpful this will be for you, but I've seen a video showing a small animation for characters before the battle starts (nothing outside the character generator I think). It uses Yanfly's plugins and some tweaking.
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    What is the feature in RPG that instantly makes you interested in trying?

    Seiken Densetsu 3 for SNES is possibly my favorite RPG because of that trait. They go beyond your party and shows the other characters you didn't choose having their own storylines parallel to yours. That said the person creating a game like that has to be very careful and put enough things to...
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    No level ups. Other ways to increase the strength of your characters.

    One has to be careful when doing that as it's easy to make the game easy to break for too easy or too difficult due to lower status limit, although status buffs may help balancing issues.
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    Videogames you're bad at.

    Most Platformers games. I like them but they are the end of me if I try to do anything akin to speedrun or perfect run.
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    MV Generator Parts Clothing and Accessories

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I was looking around the MV resources forum and found this topic by Bokou: It only has a crown add-on, but it may help you a bit (I...

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