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    Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    It was curious about this, so I tried it with Moghunter's MV Picture Gallery and it actually functions 100% correctly. ...Well, technically. The windows appear on screen like this, which made me snort. And this is how the same setup appears in MV at the same resolution. I wonder if it's...
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    Event RPG Maker 28th Birthday : Release Something Event

    @Archeia Hullo, there's my entry. As it were. RMN link for now since the RMW thread is moderating. :VXA4: Demo:
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    RMVXA [RSW] Sacred Earth - Desire

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    Random Art Thread

    Some pixels.
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    My is broken mfw this week all English.

    My is broken mfw this week all English.
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    I think the point being made is that it's working in MV. Not that it's some revolutionary new...

    I think the point being made is that it's working in MV. Not that it's some revolutionary new tool or animation method.
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    Random Art Thread

    Sometimes I do things.
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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    I remember when this was called Crisis METEOR waaaaaaay back in the day. I still have that tech demo too I think. Your skills and this project have both come a long way from back then. I'll be forever looking forward to this. 
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    Random Art Thread

    WIP WIP WIP...yep.
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    RPG Maker MV?

    You know... If there was a new RTP, it's not like the old RTP would actually go anywhere. It wouldn't simply vanish into the ether. You can use RTP resources across makers, and with the veritable mountain of RTP resources amassed during the VXA era, people surely wouldn't leave it all behind...
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    Is there a way to alter the properties of "Defend"?

    RPG Maker 2003 does not handle guard with a skill.
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    Is there a way to alter the properties of "Defend"?

    I wouldn't use a state for that. It's rather clunky as you've experienced. Instead of doing that, try this. In the battle event, when a character defends, run a variable operation of this equation: Max HP * Percentage / 100 = Result So if Max HP is 124, multiplying that by 5 and then dividing...
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    how would i go about making this skill?

    This is actually possible. It's roundabout, but it's possible. In a monster troop tab, make sure your trigger looks like this. And then inside the event itself, set a variable to record the character's current MP. As well as turn on a specific switch. Create a second page and set the...
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    Is there a way to alter the properties of "Defend"?

    You can always check on 'Mighty Guard' in the character database tab. It will divide damage by 3 instead of 2 if I recall correctly. But otherwise, you will need to use events to create additional defend features such as healing HP or MP, or anything else. Just make sure you turn on Mighty Guard...

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