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  • My friend loves to use :) . So I asked him why does he love to smile so much, and for some reason, he didn't understand.
    I use smileys all the time :)
    Anyone have any ideas for a starting monster to fight against? Slimes, Kobolds, goblins, overpowered dragons that KO you in a instant until you take revenge... I have no idea what to do for my game's startup battle.
    After a Holiday, all my teachers fill me up with homework, projects, assignments... Well, as expected ._.
    So.. 20% done on my game World of Ivota:Identity Thief. 5% done on my exam review. 75% done on LUA Pokemon Battle System on Roblox...... Wait, WHY AM I FAR ON THIS WHEN I DEVOTE MY TIME TO MY RPG MAKER.. And why am I still messing around with roblox, lol.
    Wow. I spent two hours on a java game source code my friend gave to me. Two hours, and I successfully created ONE very basic shop. Yay.
    My newest Mount and Blade Warband update: I took revenge and captured that 600+ guy. But then, his friends came out of nowhere, like 80 troops each while I was weak. Turns out, I discovered their territory :) .
    Mount and Blade Warband.. Well, if anyone has the Perisno mod, do not, under any circumstances, run into that 600+ psychopath at the beginning of the game. I tried to avoid him, but I was surrounded by bandits.. So I got captured.
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Dun have mods with me warband so I have no problems with that... XD... I really only wished there was lots more interactions, especially with prisoners and people on captured castles/cities
    So hard to decide what battle system to go with. I want to try Reedo's Sideview Ace, because it was the first battle system I've worked well with in VX. Then GTBS Ace, which I found that it had SO MANY features that I wanted to use. Then I looked at Galv's Actor Duel minigame, and looked at HFR pack holder-style battlers I wanted to use...
    How much money do you averagely spend on gaming?(Including development, graphics, etc)
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    when I saw gaming, I thought "playing games"...
    0$ lulz...
    I've spent a lot, more than I want to say, but it has been gradually over a period of a few years and not all at once since it is out of pocket.
    Dem shrooms. (If you play League of Legends, you'll understand this line completely if you know the resident shroomer.)
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Will be focusing on map making today and adding locked chests :LZSsmile:Screenshot 2021-09-16 095316.png
It's hard to stay consistent for at least a week
new enemies for the game I'm working on...
Fricken hell! I dropped a bowl with mac and spam on my brothers floor, and was going to put leftover mac with whatever was still safe in there. It was only after I added the leftover mac that my brother told me he put floor noodles in there, now I wasted my planned dinner for tomorrow!
How to make a cool character 101: Create a messy plot, make the character said "all according to the plan", then somehow the problem is solved.

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