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    Cracked Laptop Lid?

    Much thanks for the advice. I'll look into getting a replacement lid since this is the safest and best option. I didn't know that replacing the lid was possible actually, but I am glad to know it is. ^^ Thank you very much for the help. :)
  2. Miss Nile

    Cracked Laptop Lid?

    Thanks for the advice. I am not quite sure about the cause but right now, the laptop closes all the way smoothly and there is no feeling of obstruction at all. The only trouble I am having is that whenever I close it it feels like the crack is getting worse, while opening the lid smoothes it...
  3. Miss Nile

    Cracked Laptop Lid?

    HP Pavilion x360. It is a 2-in-1 laptop but I'll add I don't use the feature of rotating it that often, maybe 10 times in a whole year and definitely not recently. Is there anything that can be done about this? T_T It will get worse? T_T
  4. Miss Nile

    Cracked Laptop Lid?

    Hi there, I don't often post here but I didn't know where else to ask this and I need some help. :/ My laptop has this crack on the bottom right of the lid near the hinge and it's worrying me. The laptop is fairly new, been with me for just a year, and I treat it carefully. I am not even sure...
  5. Miss Nile

    Regarding Commissioned Maps

    Hi there! ^^ I can help you with your game whenever you want it. I am a mapper myself and I've been doing this for some years now. You can check the link in my signature for details, pricing and such if you are interested in my help. :)
  6. Miss Nile

    Thin black line over character sprite

    Hmm not necessarily but if it occurs with other character sprites, then it isn't the character sheet. This only happens in zoom mode, or also when in normal mode?
  7. Miss Nile

    Thin black line over character sprite

    My guess is that there is something wrong with the character sheet itself. Look at the part where the character is in that position. Most likely, you'll find that the tile above it has this line descending into the bottom tile, if you get what I mean. ^^
  8. Miss Nile

    What languages do you know or wish to learn?

    My native is Arabic and I can speak English to a point I would call fluent. I used to know basic French but I might have forgotten it by now due to not using it. I really wish I can find time to pick up French once more, and more importantly, I would love to learn German at some point. XD
  9. Miss Nile

    Announcement ReStaff March 2019 Release!

    Love the sleek buildings and the evil genie. ^^ Thank you for the wonderful resources. ^^
  10. Miss Nile

    Please, college. Please don't distract me from starting to work on that game idea I've had in...

    Please, college. Please don't distract me from starting to work on that game idea I've had in mind for a while now. T_T
  11. Miss Nile

    Camera control for player

    Ahh yes, you need to become a Veteran to be able to view the Classifieds forum. You need to pass a certain number of posts. :)
  12. Miss Nile

    Camera control for player

    I found this by mere chance but perhaps it is what you are looking for?
  13. Miss Nile

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Alexander Hawksmoor Wow, that GUI looks quite beautiful. ^^ And I am a fan of brownish colors so it is extra good-looking to me. XD If I have any comments, I would suggest pushing the three middle windows a little downward so that it is more centered? And maybe widen the distance between...
  14. Miss Nile

    ReStaff RPG Maker 28th Birthday Edition!

    XP enemies and fire caves. :kaoluv: Thank you very much for these, Avery! They look wonderful. :D
  15. Miss Nile

    I like the basics

    I thought about doing that too recently, and I might partially go with it. Most likely, my game's main characters are RTP heroes and cover art characters. And for most part, I'll be using RTP graphics with the addition of other public resources and - some - custom things that I might need. Thus...

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