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  • RPG Maker is working for me such as a College Degree: I've so much to learn to create, explore and try on...
    hi there, do you have created any game? i want to play them!
    Aaaah. Hi! I have some experiments, nothing AAA lol I am stil very early on Makering

    This is my link. I need to upload a new link here on the RPGM Web. Feel free to explore.
    Old map brainstorm...

    Hi, Froggo. I mapshoted the maker map, put it on Gimp, created a layer to make a png of the light/shadow (gaussian blur is blessing) and put the layer with toe foreground.js plugin. The easiest way to parallax that I've found, because it was one layer parallax. ^^ Thank you for your comment.
    It looks like a Game boy color map...I'm going to make a theme for this map...
    Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.
    Maaaaaaan! Those people posting on the Original Char Contest are so creative! So many ideas for games! I wanna kiss you all!
    Maker-ing has been being the best thing that happened to me this year so far. it is so good to rescue some old skills fo creativity and the people I have met are really incredible. I love my coffelanders and tocudos buddies. Maybe one day I will reach other countries folks too. S2
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TFW you discover how the script batching works in VNMaker... after you've had the program for almost 3 years.

Writes that the characters have to climb a mountain.

Realized that I have to draw six sets of models where characters are climbing.

At least I know how to draw something. :)
I'm currently scratching my head on how to design plains. What do I even put in plains? Some trees (but not too many or it turns into a forest)? Grass? A few bushes? That's a bit dull.
I'm looking for tutorials but Google didn't seem to find much (or maybe I have the wrong keywords). I don't know how to map plains and I don't know how to learn.
I should probably be dragged kicking and screaming away from Daz3D... I was playing with 8.1 models and came up with this. Thoughts?

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