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  • It's kinda hard to feel (and be) productive when you can't focus on something more than ten minutes. It's already 20:14pm and I didn't do anything satisfactory. Why ):
    Poured myself a nice glass of (non-alcoholic) eggnog, left it on the counter while I went to put on a sweater, and what did I saw when I came back? One of my cats, merrily drinking my eggnog. And the worst thing is, I'm not even surprised :')
    And I thought (naively it seems) that elitism wouldn't be too predominant around here. Guess I was wrong huh.
    @Niten Ichi Ryu - Fortunately yeah. And it's really nice to see a community mostly helpful and kind with each other, honestly.

    @Ms Littlefish - To be totally honest I have a really hard time ignoring such behaviour. It's so sad and pointless, especially when the point of a community is to bring people together around something we love, not a petty contest. (That sounds so naive haha but idk. People like that are tiring and naivety is way more comforting.)
    Maybe they're more noticeable BECAUSE they rub you the wrong way? If you talk to 10 people and one of them annoys you, you're going to spend more time thinking about that one than the other 9. It may not be because they were more vocal or because your interaction with them was longer than anyone else - just that they made a greater / more lasting impression.
    That's probably the reason why, yeah. I'd like to be better at the whole "ignore the people who annoy you" thing but it's so hard sometimes. Especially when there's absolutely no reason at all to be that unpleasant. But hey, that would be a perfect world if everybody was nice :')
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Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #14 Plug-Go! Plug-Go was originally meant to be the design of a gameboy game I wanted to make that was inspired by Megaman Battle Network! While that hasn’t worked out I’m happy I was able to recycle his design!


Took some time to pretty up the maps too.
Size Comparison.gif
12 hour little challenge for myself to do a big'ish enemy. Released for MV/MZ, working on my streamline one for later as I love the four frames over three. Spins a whole lot better I think.
Okay last one for now, it's time to go treat myself to some Zelda!

UPDATED- I've completely ripped off Sword of Mana right here lol
It seems like the imgur images are working again! ;3

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