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    RMMV Yanfly's Button Common Events doesn't let me use arrow keys to move in game.

    I downloaded the Button Common Events Plugin but now my in game character won't move using arrow keys. I can click and move but arrow keys are a no go. When I disable the Button Plugin my in game character moves with the arrow keys again. I've tried putting 'RevertButton' command in the Common...

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Finally sat down and made a template of my world map in Inkarnate. Now to translate this to MV.
Oof. Literally got a "whose code is this, 'cause it sucks" in one of my projects.
Lunesis has started a trend of doing homages to me by putting a trilobite fossil in your game somewhere and I have to say I love this and encourage everyone who wants to credit me to do it too. XD
Made a plugin that allows you to randomly transmute items into other items weeeeeeee
Rebuilding isn't going terribly so far. I caught some things that I was definitely overcomplicating in the original project. Here's to hoping the plugins play nice when testing starts.

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