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    Weapon attributes that only affect the “attack” option.

    Normally, the standard attack is fine for dealing out damage with no cost to the player’s MP. The issue arises when they equip a weapon that is balanced around having high critical hit with low accuracy, and being able to circumvent the downside by using skills that dont take accuracy into...
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    Weapon attributes that only affect the “attack” option.

    I have yanfly’s complete collection. Do you happen to know the name of the plugin?
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    Weapon attributes that only affect the “attack” option.

    I want to create a weapon that specifically modifies the standard “attack” skill (skill 1 in my database). When I add attributes (in this case, high critical hit chance and low accuracy) it affects all skills the character has while equipped, including skills that are certain hits. As you can...
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    Ideas for Stone of Agony style radar system?

    In The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, there was an item called the Stone of Agony that would blink on screen when near a secret. If I wanted to create an item that would react similarly when a player approaches a designated item, how would I go about creating a similar effect? It doesn't need...
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Could you explain the downside to using a % amount? You mentioned things could get wonky. Is there something I'm missing here?
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Thank you! I wasn't sure if it was that easy!
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Is there a way to set that the minimum amount of damage for a skill as a percent instead of a fixed amount? For the standard attack skill, the formula I use is: Math.max(a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2,1) So the minimum this skill can do is 1 damage. The thing is, it gets pretty dumb when enemies who...
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    Deploying and playing a project on iOS/Iphone/iPad etc

    RPG Maker MV has the option to deploy to Android/iOS. I know that it's possible to play RPG maker games on android devices, since my game has released on that platform. However, as an iphone user, I'd like to try out my game on my own phone. Does anyone know how to actually do it? I haven't...
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    RMMV Is there a way to play weather effects over pictures?

    I can't seem to get the custom weather to appear on my end. I also noticed that with the plugin on, it changed the default rain that I already had in place with some sort of white filter and no rain, as shown here: This also applies to an area I have with the default snow effect. What setting...
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    RMMV Is there a way to play weather effects over pictures?

    This plugin may be what I need, but I don't understand how it works. The demo video is in german which I can't read, and I still wasn't sure what to do even after reading the instructions in the file. Plugging it into the game gave me an error on booting: Failed to load:img/pictures/icon.png...
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    RMMV Is there a way to play weather effects over pictures?

    I want to be able to play the rain weather effect over this image in a cutscene I'm scripting. As it stands, the effect just plays behind the image and it looks pretty weird. Is there any way to do that?
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    Is it possible to stop part of a movement route from replaying?

    I actually discovered another solution on my own. For anyone looking to do the same, I would check out Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. It's part of their free plugins. It allows you to input specific scripts into a movement route. All I needed to do was type in "CRASH MOVE TO: PLAYER" (without...
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    Is it possible to stop part of a movement route from replaying?

    I am creating an event, that chases a player through multiple rooms. To give the player some breathing room, when the player enters a new room, I set the event by the door the player entered. It starts as transparent, waits 90 frames, then turns off transparency and move towards player as usual...
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    State Add/Remove Commands

    I'm taking your advice and adding the plugin you recommended to my game that adds commands when a state is added or removed. However, I'm not very familiar with javascript commands and I don't understand what I should write to get the plugin to work as intended. Currently, the notebox for the...

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