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    Killer Gin (Available for PC, Mac, and Linux)

    It looks really good! Once I finish my project I'll be sure to check it out! You can tell a lot of love went into it.
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    Hi there

    So I’ve lurked around these forums for a while, but rarely post. I’m an elementary school teacher by trade, and am working on my RPG Maker MZ project “Sempiternal” as a side project. The game itself is about 60% done, but it’s using a lot of default assets (as I’m just trying to finish the game...
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    RMMZ Descriptive State Display

    Oh, awesome thanks! I don't think it works for MZ though, unless I'm doing something wrong. Even loading it into a blank MZ project I get "Syntax Error: Unexpected Identifier" upon playtest.
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    RMMZ Descriptive State Display

    So I'm looking for something to give my players more information about what states are inflicted on enemies and players. Essentially, what I'm looking for is the State Tooltip Display plugin created by Olivia, but for RPG Maker MZ (fingers crossed she might make it soon! :)) That plugin is...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    The code I posted works perfectly...though maybe it’s a fluke . In addition to the math floor statement, I’m looking to do extra damage to the monster and add one tp to the actor who used the skill if the IF statement is true. (Enemy has state 47) Hopefully that’s not too confusing. Thanks for...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I'm very new to coding, so any help is appreciated. Basically, I'm looking for a skill to apply a random set of states if the enemy is affected by one particular state, and do damage regardless. if (b.isStateAffected(47)) (b.addState(Math.floor(Math.random() * 9) + 60)); (a.atk * 12/b.def * 5)...
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Hello! I've browsed these forums before, but this will be my first time posting. I've bought a lot of your plugins, they're awesome! Recently I bought the ATB Battle System plugin for RPG Maker MZ, and I was wondering if there was a way to visually show what skill the enemy is going to use...

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