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    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    I listened to your collection the other day! I liked everything very much, deep bow!
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    Looking for EPIC, EMOTIONAL, TOUCHING Music

    I have checked the recommended music. Probably, I will download it also. Meanwhile, have you ever got an idea to create your own music for the stuff you create?
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    Free .ogg Converter

    Guys free converters are Open Source converters! Also Open Source have any soft and all is free! If you want to use usual soft you can use for example this link: There is information about converting video and using different...
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    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Do you mean MZ RPG maker? As I have understood, you mentioned this stuff. This is the updated version of the RPG Maker, and you need to read the manual first. The settings are complicated. I found the information in Google. Do it also.
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    Beginner Looking for Resources on How to Format Assets

    I guess, every beginner is interested in it. I have found the answers to the questions when using the tool. It took me over a week to do it. Do not run fast to create and format images, simply spend time for reading instructions.
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    50's Vintage Style Cars and Bus

    It would be very interesting. Why did not you try to create this stuff yourself? Many people are interested in the cars made 100 years ago, and if the images are realistic, more people will like them. Waiting for the offers.
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    Share Your Favorite RPG Music!

    I like Bill Brown music for Lineage II. It sounds really inspiring (you can find it on YouTube, and understand me here). Bill Brown supplemented the virtual worlds of the Aden and Elmore kingdoms with epic, sweeping orchestral pastorals, where Asian ethnicity elements are also presented.

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