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    I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    Thanks for that but it didn't work. In fact, it made VN run worse so I changed it back. I'm starting to think it might be a mechanical problem with my macbook. I downloaded a program that let's you switch between your integrated and discrete GPUs but I couldn't get it to switch to the NVIDIA...
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    I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    That's why I thought I had a computer that worked with OpenGL - RPG Maker MV works fine for me. Also, the play button in VN Maker works (I can run a test play just fine). It's only when I want to Live Preview what I'm working on, or when I want to move hotspots around or something, that it...
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    I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    I got all kinds of errors. Any idea what I need to do to fix this? [edit: this is the computer I'm using. Please see attached file.]
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    I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    It is just a dark grey box (different shade from bottom light grey box Scene Content). If I hit Detach, it pops up as a giant grey screen. Replay does nothing. Restart makes it flash white once and then go back to grey. Anyone know what's up? [edit: and I can't move the choice boxes around...
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    Events Fire Projectiles (Using Events Only!)

    I'm glad you got it to work properly. I must have messed up somewhere bc sometimes I can get this to work right and other times the event will only fire projectiles for a minute and then it stops. I'm still not sure what causes that to happen.
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    The exposition dump

    Ideally, through natural-sounding dialogue (not like "You are my grandson! What was your name again?"), visual cues and short cut-scenes to advance the plot. But every game is different and should be developed slowly with the backstory / history / etc kept in mind. Everything should push that...
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    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    Can you rework your IGMC submission for this, provided you make substantial changes/additions?
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    Double Door Graphics Don't Match Grid, Sits In Wrong Place

    So yeah, anyone know how to fix this issue? I have a wall in a dungeon and I want to put a double door event that will open and close. The problem is, if I make an opening, the door doesn't line up, regardless of which square I put it in. It's always off to one side or the other too much.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    But what I mean is, that enemy description shows up during battle, right? I personally think the description itself is unnecessary. In battle, you need to know certain things about the enemies: strengths, weaknesses, element if that plays a part in your game... what you DON'T need, in battle at...
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    What can a scientist in my Star Wars RPG be working on?

    What you're even asking about doesn't make sense in the Star Wars universe. The force (unfortunately) is a wholly scientifically-explained phenomenon having to do with the presence of midi-chlorians in a person's system. Why would a scientist have doubts about whether something that can be...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    This would look good (and make more sense) if the different clouds were moving in the same direction, just at slightly different speeds. That plugin looks pretty cool. I'm just wondering why that long description (or any description) is necessary for what, I assume, is the Analyze spell (or...
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    How many games should you work on before tackling a huge project?

    I would only suggest that you go through a beginner tutorial series for MV. There are several good ones on Youtube, and they'll show you how to make a game, which you should follow along with and make the tutorial game. Beyond that, it doesn't matter if your first game is a magnum opus or more...
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    "Decision Memorance"

    It helps to keep a notebook or use "notes" apps, and keep track of any switches or variables that you'll want to use over and over again, or use once early and then later on, making a note of what it does. (This should go without saying, but name your switches/variables in such a way that it'll...
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    MV How to make a faster-paced battle system?

    I'm going the overdrive route. Different attacks and skills fill your TP gauge at different rates. When it hits 100%, a (usually) screen-clearing skill automatically goes off. That way there's still some strategy involved, but I and the player have less to worry about than if it was a typical TP...
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    February Goals and Progress Thread

    Had an idea to make the attack level up in my game similar to how the magic spells level up, but there won't be an in-game tracker or any indication that this is happening. Just after using attack so many times, the variable goes up one, and the damage calc has a + v[n] in there, cuz unlike the...

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