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    [RMXP] Custom title screen help?

    You're in luck because I made this change for someone else but for the end screen instead of the title screen. Just paste this script below your others but above "Main" Then in the "Scene_Title" script in your script editor, change this line: to this:
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    No worries! It wasn't dumb really. It wasn't clear from the error message what was wrong, so that means I should do something to make it better, and I never would have made it better if you hadn't reached out. So thanks!
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Where you place questdata.txt depends on the setup. By default it should be in the "Data" folder of your project. So my project is called "Mobius's Quest Journal" and it's in a folder with the same name. That folder has another folder called "Data" and that's where I put it based on what's...
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Hi @Baucks! Thanks for checking out my script! To answer why the first quest always shows up: the journal needs at least one quest to function, so the first quest gets automatically discovered upon starting a new game. You can work around this limitation by adding a "starting" phase to it that...
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    State Slip Skills

    Thanks for finding this bug @Lord Vectra and thanks to @Roninator2 for finding the fix! I've updated this script so that these kinds of problems should be avoided in the future.
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    @gab100 Can you explain the actions you took before that message was shown? That looks like my demo screen, but how did you get there? Did you just start a new game? Or something else?
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    @gab100 To continue KK20's point, you definitely need to either start a new game or load an existing one for my script to work. Trying to use it on a "fake" map like Heretic's will not work. @KK20, it's mostly for performance reasons why I don't initialize the global until "New Game". See...
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Wow! @KK20 is out here solving my problems before I even get a chance to respond lol. Thanks for that though. I don't think I ever considered that someone would be using switches and variables before the game had even loaded. I'll probably post that as small bugfix and credit you, so thanks...
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    Change screen size

    This is probably what you're looking for, but fair warning it's not simple to use nor is it "plug and play".
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Glad you got it figured out. The thing you have to remember is that any changes you make in questdata.txt won't show up in old savefiles. Basically, the game needs to save its own copy of all the quests because (from the player's perspective) some might be complete, partially done, etc. So...
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Hey @Treckie thanks for checking out my script! To echo what Ebanyle said, the most likely cause is that you're loading a savefile after making changes to your Questdata.txt. If that's not the case, I'd recommend posting your actual questdata.txt file as well as screenshots of any errors you're...
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    Character Status Menu Sprite Size

    Can you post a screenshot? How large are your sprites? Are you using any custom menus?
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    Small incompatibility issue with two scripts (Solved)

    Have you tried changing the order of the scripts in the editor? (i.e. put the jump script below the fly script and then the fly script below the jump script)
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    Help with Multiple Slip Damage Calculations

    You can also check out my script called "State Slip Skills". It allows you to define multiple skills that are then used for poison damage calculation. This allows you to take into account things about the caster (if you want) to determine the damage done per turn. Link...
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    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Cool, glad you figured it out! Yeah, my script won't be able to find the file if it's named like that because it's very literal about filenames. For anyone else who stumbles across this in the future: if you use my Quest Maker program, it uses the built-in Windows 10 file saving utility which...

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