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  1. Checking which frame of a character sheet is currently active

    That's very helpful, thanks for the thorough reply! I'm extending Modern Algebra's ExtraMovementFrames plugin, so the solution ended up being to capture the output of this: ``` var patternIndex = (this._pattern % this.emfCharacterState().pattern.length); ``` which uses the `._pattern`...
  2. Checking which frame of a character sheet is currently active

    I have a character sheet for the player that triggers when they are idle for a while. The sheet has them going from standing to laying down in 6 frames, sleeping for 3 frames and then standing back up in 7 frames. I'm looking to pause the animation when it reaches the 9th frame without using...

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My current peak of boss design.
energy drinks have made this week SUPER productive so far lol. I finished one of my overworld maps, along with 2 other maps and a way to traverse to said overworld map.
i am absolutely DRAGGING MYSELF RIGHT NOW, i bought a commission ($35) back in october, got the art back, it was great, only to NOW realize i never DOWNLOADED it to my computer, and the site i used auto-deletes uploads after 3 months. Now i'm panicking cuz she closed all her commissions on that site & deleted her IG and Facebook, luckily I found her g-mail but who knows if she'll respond :kaocry: pray for me ya'll
Sigh...I can do everything I need for this game but make actual sprites and tile maps for it. Guess I'll look into hiring someone for that

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