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    Escape codes in Scenes

    Whether my plugin is faster than your way or not would depend on which function you changed. Neither is likely to generate any lag though.
  2. modern algebra

    Escape codes in Scenes

    I wrote a version of that for MV too, though it is pretty clumsy since I am still learning javascript. It is here:
  3. modern algebra

    Icons for Choice Options

    You could try my ATS: Choice Options script to arrange choices horizontally. You should be able to use \i[n] codes inside a choice list by default.
  4. modern algebra

    Changing colours of increasing/decreasing Parameters

    Sorry. I expected that if the colour was unclear against that windowskin for one script it would be unclear for any other too, but I guess I was wrong. Insert the following code into a new slot in the Script Editor above Materials and below Main: class Window_EquipStatus  def power_up_color;   ...
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    Changing colours of increasing/decreasing Parameters

    Changing the colour of the text does not require a script; you can do it in an image editor. In the windowskin (file named "Window" in Graphics\System\), there is a palette of 32 colours in the lower righthand corner. The power up colour is the first colour in the fourth row, and the power down...
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    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping questions

    I am perfectly fine with anybody using any script of mine in a commercial project, with or without credit. I usually say that I would appreciate a free copy of the game when it's released, but that is not a necessary condition.
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    Note Editor Script Request

    I'm not sure that I agree with the implication that it is a bad idea to preserve the data you are collecting from a note tag. Even if the performance issue is usually negligible, I don't see a reason to repeatedly access a data object and parse the string to extract the information I want from...
  8. modern algebra

    Yanfly Ace Message System question!!

    I am not familiar enough with Yanfly's script to answer your question, but I know that I wrote a script with that feature: ATS: Message Options. There are probably others as well. I am not sure how well they would combine with Yanfly's script.
  9. modern algebra

    Custom text color

    Hey, you can use hex codes for colours in my ATS: Special Message Codes. That would give you the feature you are looking for in your first post, though it uses hex (00-FF) instead of base 10. Alternately, you could use my Extended Colour Palette script. That way, you could still use the \c[n]...
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    Item "Folders" Script Request

    Well, my Customizable Item Menu script allows you to create new categories, so you could do it with that. However, it would not create subcategories - it would just be [items  Weapons  Armours   Keys   Tickets]. You could use icons instead of words if you are worried about space.
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    New instance of a weapon

    I probably would have just dumped and loaded it to be sure that I wasn't keeping any references to the same objects as the original, like this: new_weapon = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($data_weapons[id]))Be cautious about just dupping* an array. It won't create copies of the objects contained by...
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    Well, it seems like a strange code for which you're asking, but something like this should work: /<Example\S((\s\d+\S)*)>/im It should match things like this: <ExampleA 15B 7k 9D> $1 should match " 15B 7k 9D", and $2 would probably match " 9D" In order to get every unit, then you could scan $1.
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    Error in Quest Journal by modern algebra HELP

    You might be trying to insert the VX version of the script into VXA. Try replacing it with the VXA version.
  14. modern algebra

    Clicky-clacky bleep-bloops in my messages!

    No worries. I don't think many people do know about that search engine, and I'm still not entirely sure how complete it is.
  15. modern algebra

    Need some very basic Ruby help

    Well, I've written one myself: ATS Series. Yanfly also has an amazing Ace Message System Other than that, I am sure a lot of message scripts would have a feature like that, but I am not familiar with them all.

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