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  • Into the Abyssal Cave in Moltres Rider RPG for the final gem of the Winchell World story arc. Abyssal Monsters are strong dark elemental monsters—often referred to as the ugliest of monsters. 8 gems throughout Winchell.


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    Some people are reporting that they find Love's Fire - A Human/Dragon Saga too hard. I got a few words of advice. Slow down, it's not a race. It is not a Tank and Spank RPG. Use your buffs and debuffs. Healing is also important.
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    Ah ok, that explains some of it. Not many are used to those games anymore, and to those that are not used to it, it will seem very hard and unforgiving.

    I think you got two options here (next post)
    1: Double down on it being like an 80s RPG and just realize it will not be for everyone. May need to tell people to grind and that grinding is expected.

    2: Add some QOL improvements that have been added to RPGs since. That will mean making it easier. Adding difficulty options. Etc.

    Its up to you though. No matter which you pick, someone will dislike it.
    Also, grinding is mainly only required at the beginning. The further you progress, the less grinding is required. By the fourth or fifth boss, grinding is not really necessary
    With the right prompt and a little bit of luck, you can push Bing Create to make workable battlebacks for your areas.


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    My One Map Challenge is nearing completion. I am in the multiple run testing phase atm. This is the map. Beware the minotaurs in the maze area. The female ones are more aggressive. Can you prove to the land of Winchell that a dragon and a human can love each other?


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    So, I am getting really good at finding loop points for making audio seamlessly loop. I am rarely off lately and when I am, it is usually a split second or less.

    A decade ago, I would kill to know how to do this. Not for game dev but back when I was actively making music for singing.
    I still regret having to edit audio though.
    My sister is in a modern rock band. I even took one of her more intense songs made it loop seamlessly. It was harder to figure out due to the heavy use of stereo sound, which is way different than mixing midi into digital audio with SF2 or Ableton but the first try loop was satisfying.

    As for my games, audio and story is most important. My maps can be lackluster but story and music make up for it.
    Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    Yeah, there are a lot of things about working with MIDI and Sf2 that are a darn treat. Takes a bit of guessing out when you can really look into the inner workings :wub
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