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    [Request] simple portraits for battle/status

    Oh, and by the way, I managed to find a way by myself to show the pictures in-battle like I wanted, by using switches and battle-events. So don`t worry about that :D
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    Minigame: Flip a Coin

    Very nice! It would be even cooler if you were able to bet money. (e.g. If you win, you get more money back, but if you lose , you lose the money you bet) But that may be too complicated. :unsure:
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    [Request] simple portraits for battle/status

    [/SPOILER] Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Nice work! I don`t mind having smaller space for the profile section, neither having the picture and the exp section overlap. I am changing the resolutions of the game so it doesn`t matter. No problems!
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    [Request] simple portraits for battle/status

    Thank you for replying! Sounds very nice. I would be looking forward to seeing your works. (No need to hurry, take you time)
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    [Request] simple portraits for battle/status

    Hi. This is my first time requesting a plugin. I may be actually asking for two different plugins, but I assumed they are very close and similar, so I am only using this one topic. I think it is faster and easier than explaining by words to tell what I am looking for by showing some image...
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    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    I would love to have some kind of plugin for Skill Levels or Skill Points or that sort of thing. It would be nice if the levels affect the success rate of the skills, because then I can make a skill system close to what TRPGs are like(the skill level or points you allocate is the actual success...
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    Error: BGLLISP`s MP Zero State

    >>bgillisp Oh, I`m sorry I didn`t understand. I set the applying state to 1(KO), but the enemies still revive. I have also tried out Yanfly`s Lunatic states script(the one you edited), but I couldn`t make it work out very well. There were no errors, but the death state did not happen. Do...
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    Error: BGLLISP`s MP Zero State

    Hi. I am a new tkooler. I wish to use some wonderful scripts, but I am having some problems. I`m sorry if my English is bad or if I have bad manners. The script I want to use is BGLLISP`s MP Zero State. (from...

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