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  • I'm actually impressed how much racist/homophobic coments people are making in the game awards jesus christ i thought the gaming community was already over this :\
    Mr. Detective
    Mr. Detective
    The gaming community will never be "over this" or anything else, as long as you keep looking for those people.
    I think I already said what needed to be said.
    @Mr. Detective dude i just made a post about something i saw happening, rest asured i'm not making anything up... the one here coming to conclusions that i made something up is well, you. Well, sorry for being as annoying as these people with you, i just honestly wanted to understand what you were trying to say in a post I made
    Mr. Detective
    Mr. Detective
    Right, OK. My bad for ruining your status post, but your complain at unspecified part of the community rubbed me the wrong way. In the end, you feel however you feel. Doesn't seem like this conversation is going anywhere, I guess. I'm out. Peace.
    I forgot how fun it is to make villages! It can kinda stress me out because I don't want it to look boring but creating any map really challenges your creativity! It's really fun :D
    The Stranger
    @ericv00 I just find creating wilderness less interesting than designing urban environments. I enjoy telling stories in urban design, and someone's home can reveal a lot about who they are. I love creating alleys, towering buildings, clubs, etc. I've never really enjoyed creating forests or plains, though.
    @The Stranger forests and plains are probably the third and second most boring natural map types, respectively (soundly better than deserts). A big thing about urban environments (and why I agree it's a lot of fun making them) is that their design is intentional, while nature is unintentional. It's also why a forest "dungeon" might be boring, but a forest "temple" can be awesome.
    i'm going to adopt a dog, she's pregnant with 5 puppies and was abandoned in the streets, i live in a apartment with 4 cats. This will be insane :dizzy:
    I was practicing pixel art and made an explosion, i was really proud of it! I show it to my dad and he says it is a fart.
    Today was wild. In the day I worked in my project (and realized I have almost 100 hours wich is a happy surprise), and now i'm having to calm my boyfriend down because of chris pratt Mario.
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I've been working on plugins to make it easier to incorporate Persona 3's Once More batsys into MV games. One makes it so you can have states automatically applied to the target and/or user when their hit crits or targets a weakness... I could use testers for it, though. Maybe I'll make a thread in the JS Plugins In Development board about it?
Whenever I'm feeling down I like to watch Bardic Inspiration by Deerstalker Pictures
on youtube. Because 'my mockery is Vicious.' It's funny and catchy like the flu.
Knew this hurricane was coming for me, because it got my name on it! See you humans and non-humans in a few days if not a few weeks. Now go work on yo games!
New enemy finished today... Century Owl.
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