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    @Momonica Yes, that is the one. The 2k3 tutorial The Stranger user posted above. I agree, 2k3 has a deep charm. It really harkens back...
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    Made lots of progress today and I'm proud. :dizzy:
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    Currently working on a side game for the One Map Game Challenge. :kaoblush: As you can see, the game will be called "Welcome To...
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    I bought it this year actually! I wanted to see if i was really going to make a game or be able to mess with it, then later i bought the...
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    By a lot, I simply mean in this forum specifically. RM2k3 holds a special place in my heart. I've always been terrible at using the...
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    One of the things I don't like about rpg maker is that you don't have an option to make the player see who is next (only with plugins)...
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    I had no idea how much letting the player see the order of who goes first in combat influences things until I tried it out with that one...
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    Ooooooh i loved this one! If scythes weren't so cool I would recommend to choose a more ""defensive"" weapon, like a spear or something...
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    Okay, so I'm making a first project, and wanted to build the main character around being a more aggresive kind of support. Here's some...
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    @ericv00 I just find creating wilderness less interesting than designing urban environments. I enjoy telling stories in urban design...
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    It is indeed very fun! Make everything!
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    @LunarFlareStudios Wow! I can't even imagine how I would do that you sure have a lot of patience!
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    Making villages is one thing, but my game Wishful Wanda has a THEME PARK! It's really giving my brain a workout, which I need anyway...
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    ...want to make all my freaking maps? I spent a chunk of an evening agonizing over a town and it's not complete, because I find...
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    I forgot how fun it is to make villages! It can kinda stress me out because I don't want it to look boring but creating any map really...

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I'm in the process of converting all locks and intimidate/persuade dialogue options into D20 DC based success/fail (modified by player skill). Before, it required a certain flat amount you had to meet, but with rolls, it offers more freedom. For instance, you can repeatedly try to unlock a door instead of just not meeting the requirement to unlock it.
Since we get very close: If you want to enjoy the advent calendar as it is intended, wait til your date and the day in the URL line up, so you have the final day on actual christmas and not the day before... time zones ;3
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