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    Pokémon style monster catching resources

    I’m really just open to whatever can get the job done. Plugins just seem easiest.
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    Drawing in RPG Maker

    Is there any version of RPG Maker or a similar software that will allow me to draw in it without having to use paint or photoshop or anything else external? I’m not buying another software just to draw. I used some game creation software 20 years ago that allowed drawing right into it without...
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    Pokémon style monster catching resources

    I know Essentials is gone now. I don’t know how to program monster catching, battling, and storage. I’m looking for a plugin or something that’s already taken care of this. It’s not a Pokémon fan game, but it does feature the ability to catch and battle monsters. Think Zelda, but the battles are...
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    RMMV Mon MV - Proof of Concept // DS Pokemon game with a twist!

    Is the monster battling and catching system already programmed into it? Did you use a plugin?
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    FREE Pokémon-like monster catching game set in Zelda-like world

    Set in a medieval fantasy world, players will explore wild areas and dungeons, catching enemy monsters and adding them to their team to use in and out of battle, trade items and monsters with other characters to build friendships, and solve puzzles. There’s the main town, plus five small wild...
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    MV styled monster images

    Where can I get monsters like these? I’ll need them as a placeholder until I can get my own drawn up. content removed by moderator
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    Links Awakening remake and Pokémon Sword
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    First RPG game you ever played

    Pokémon first and then Paper Mario
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    Games you're looking forward to

    No idea when it will come out, but eventually I want Breath of the Wild 2. The first one was so good. Now I’m playing Link’s Awakening; but it isn’t the same.
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    Games that inspired you

    Pokémon and Digimon Zelda and DragonQuest Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing Mooshry, I would be interested in checking your game out.
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    Possible to create monster collection game in MV?

    Thanks, these links are very helpful.
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    Monster Catching and Recruitment

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    Hello, just trying to make enough posts to qualify for posting in Classifieds

    Okay, here’s a post. How many do I need to make before posting to classifieds? I don’t really want to go to Upwork for this. Anyway, I made some games like 15-20 years ago. They were all platformers. I haven’t made any since then aside from some little things in Flash here and there, but those...
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    Favorite NES game?

    Super Mario brothers

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