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  • Thanks for the Friendship plugin! But please put in the help guide "use number ID, not names" thanks! XD
    Hi Moogle_X! I have a question about the Friendship puglin, could you help me? I want to increase or decrease the friendship points when the actor answer right or wrong a question. How can I do that? Loved your work btw!
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions. That is not their purpose, & there is not enough space to give the detailed answer this requires. Please post in the plugin's own thread.
    Hello, Moogle_X, I'm new to Rpg Maker and I'm still learning how to use plug ins etc. I've followed your instructions and added <AFS Leader> in a characters not tage, I've used the event editor and on the plug in command I've added AFS Show Leader 1, AFS Show Friend 2 Leader 1. but I'm not sure what/where I'm supposed to place this event in order to get characters to show up in the Friendship Data menu. Right now, all I've got is a back button with an empty screen. Can you help with this?
    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    Sorry to say that pal, but not only you are asking for help in a place that you cant... but you're asking something for someone that didn't visit the forum for more than 3 months....
    Asking for help in a place you can't? I'm sorry I clicked on the posters name and by doing so thought I was sending him a private message, where did this actually show up that you can see it?. I'm sorry I'm still new  to these forums and I'm really not understanding how these particular forums work and are set up. In my short time here I've seen a common theme, more often thatn not, of folks being rather quick to point out what a person did wrong, not really explain why it's wrong, rather than point a person in the right direction and actually help.. 

    And yes I just noticed that he hasn't been on for three months. Sorry for that mistake.
    Just located your Skill Equip plugin for MV, and it is the (hopefully) final piece to a rather drawn-out puzzle! Thanks for what you do! This community never ceases to inspire and motivate me.

    Be well!
    Feeling confused on what plugin to write next...
    Almost done with the new plugin... Must keep going... T_T
    Neo Soul Gamer
    Neo Soul Gamer
    I've been seeing your plugins sprinkled throughout the forums, all of them useful. What do you have on the go?
    Moogle_X is a bad ass
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I know it can be a little confusing with all the advent calendars and time zones, but make sure Starbird, GalacticGod, WaywardMartian and Guardinthena get all the love they deserve fot their hard work! ;3
*it's getting better all the time* tenacious determination (got bills to pay) and doing PT for this gimpy hand - I'm improving quite a bit. :rock-left::troll::rock-right: Had to resign from my fav Lead Security Analyst job because I couldn't type to keep pace ;_; however, Big N kept me on, so finishing my contracts with them. :D
I was playing with ChatGPT-3 and I feels like did some crime with this...

no longer using rm2k3
Don't you hate when you're trying to sleep and suddenly the smoke detector needs batteries? That's exactly what happened to me. Now I'm sluggish and tired after that darn thing started chirping at 11:30 at night. Man I wish I had one of those smart smoke detectors that sends a message to your phone way before it starts chirping.

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