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    Equipment Learning

    @blade911 You can show both AP and JP gain in Yanfly's aftermath. Please look at this thread for detail.
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    Equipment Learning

    @blade911 If you mean using Yanfly's JP function as substitute for AP, that would require heavy script rewriting. If you mean replacing the word 'AP' with 'JP', you can do so in Parameters setting.
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    Actors Friendship System

    @mattduleheart I am not really remember exactly. But, I believe you could use common event notetag. <AFS Event Level x Leader y: n> Then, set that common event to turn on specific in-game switch. Then, set that switch as a "trigger" to activate cutscene when entering specific map. I haven't...
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    Equipment Learning

    @zarasrage Sorry, I am not really sure what are you asking exactly. I think I didn't change the name Scene_Item. Or, are you referring to a window inside item scene? More detail would be helpful. :)
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    Rules Frequently Asked Questions

    Will VNM have character generator just like in MV? I am so excited to get this. I really hope there will be character generator in this.
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    Job Points in the correct place

    You need to do 3 things: 1. Turn off "Enable Aftermath" parameter from YEP_JobPoints. Yanfly specifically state to type "false" which actually doesn't actually turning off the parameter (bug). You need to type empty string instead (don't type anything) in order to prevent the JP Aftermath...
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    Remove state only once conditions are met

    If you don't mind directly editing the script, you can try this. Take a look at Game_BattlerBase.prototype.atbRatio function located around line 871. At the line before "return 1", you can add new code this.removeState(x); Replace x with the state Id that you want to be removed when the atb...
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    [Solved] Order skills learned from equipment

    I made a quick plugin that forcefully sort the skills ordering by database ID. I tested it on clean project without Tsukihime's Actor Battle Commands (because I don't understand how to use it). Hopefully the plugin is compatible with Tsukihime's plugin. Just make sure you put my plugin at the...
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    Actors Friendship System

    @dragon1up Yes, it's free to use in free or commercial game. Credit would be nice, but not mandatory.
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    Equipment Learning

    @Tetsujin I can't really comment on JP and Yanfly's Learn Skill part (I assume that's not your main problem here). As for skills not showing up in Skill Equip menu, try adding this note to actor notebox: <EQS Max Slots 0 Level 1 to 99: 5> Since Thunder is type 0, you should be able...
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    Equipment Learning

    @Orphansmith At the moment, using Yanfly Item Core is not optional because of a bug that I'm too lazy to fix. Try install Item Core and try again. Hopefully no window problem this time. @Tetsujin EQS must be above EQL. Combining both plugin will make the process to learn skill...
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    Equipment Learning

    @moldy I updated the plugin to version 1.23 ;) Added new notetag for skill: <EQL Custom Icon: x>     // Replace 'x' with new icon index. Any skills that contain that notetag will show a new icon in the Item, Equip, or Shop menu scene. (Skill menu scene is not affected.)
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    Equipment Learning

    @moldy I am not quite sure what you meant. But it seems like a pretty difficult thing to do (making a pop up window that respond to mouse position). I guess I don't have any plan to insert this feature into the plugin. :headshake:
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    Hopefully I can be more productive again after long hiatus.

    Hopefully I can be more productive again after long hiatus.
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    Equip Skill System

    @waynee95 Thank you so much for reporting this problem. I already updated the plugin to version 1.46 and added your fix to the plugin. ;)

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