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    RPG Maker MV v1.3.5 Update

    Please help. I have Rpgmaker MV on steam. I've seen it update, but I can't use Yanfly's Doodads plugin because it says my project has to be 1.3.0 to use it. I've tried the full installer here and it didn't work either. And I tried replacing select files in my project manually and that didn't...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I don't really know how to use forums but I got here by clicking on Yanfly's Bug report button. Hopefully im posting this in the right place. Plugin Name: Battle Engine Core Stuff over laps in the Area where the HPs are displayed. I attached some files to show the bug and the order of...
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    Custom Animation Troubles

    ok so im having a new problem. I hope someone knows the answer to this. I am using the sideview battle system. I need to have an animation appear in the middle of the screen and a separate animation healing the party. I can't figure out where to position the animation to be on the party...
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    Custom Animation Troubles

    Thanks! :D
  5. Mooglelover

    Custom Animation Troubles

    Thanks :) I'll use this with that another user messaged me. I hope this works out!
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    Custom Animation Troubles

    Hello. I am making a Final Fantasy game and am working on creating summons, but to do that I needed to make my own animations. The problem I am having is that when I add animation png files to the animations folder, it is sized wrong and I can't select all of the summon creature. I thought it...
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    Adding Monsters

    Hello, I noticed I can't add monsters to rpg maker mv for some reason. The images are png files and they have transparent backgrounds. I put them directly into the folder with monster battlers for my project but I still can't use them, they aren't even showing up in the program. Any idea what I...

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