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  • DEEP Into Reading and reading and reading RUBY books.... O_O Driving me crazy but every little bit i learn makes me want to learn more..... its a never ending cycle!!! But Oh so worth it!!!
    Today is a beautiful day.. there is always beauty in this world whether you see it or not! No matter what is going on in your life remember to stay happy and grateful for everything that you have. I needed a reminder of this today and got it in an unexpected way but am very grateful and wanted to pass it along.
    Thanks. I really needed to read something like this. Especially on days like today.
    You are absolutely most welcome my friend :) I am glad it helped!
    After another LONG night where I should have gone to bed much earlier than I did, BUT Finished Hazelwood Forest!!! (a major forest in my upcoming game) After many many hours of mapping the forest is finished! Now onto the next area! (warning....many more long nights ahead.... O_O )
    Ah, long nights are better than what I used to pull. I sat down on Monday, worked until Wednesday, then slept until the next Monday. Ugh. Never again.
    Woke up after staying up WAY past when i should have gone to bed but finished a bunchy of new maps that i needed to move on with my game! But in turn I slept until about 5pm haha Time to get some more work done!
    Lol! Sounds like something I'd do! :p
    Lol definitely happens more often than I should let it haha
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Because I don't have the patience to wait for the 14th.

Happy (early) valentine!
Would anyone be interested in an FFX-style quotes plugin that shows a little gab window when an actor is about to kill/crit an enemy or with a chance for a quote on things like inflicting states and hitting weaknesses?
and I just figured out how login sessions work(keep users logged for days). Might make a tutorial tomorrow if anyone shows interest
Working on an important character's model today: Saken! One of Cyprian's friends from the Hofau school. There he is as a teen student on the left and as an adult Deputy Minister of Love on the right. He dyed his hair.
I always have a hard time writing mean characters. To me, their words sound like a normal comment I receive on a regular basis, but to others it's too much.

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