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    Battle Buff/debuff stuff not showing right.

    Isn't that the expected result? If you debuff, then a debuff icon will show up...
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    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    I could be wrong, but I think fade plugin command is only for BGS. Perhaps you could fool the engine by playing a song as a BGS? The way I fade in and out my BGS (rain in my case, music in yours) is like this: To fade in, I start the BGS with volume of 1 Then I fade it in manually: To...
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    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    To fade out the BGM, I use the RPG Maker command: Fadeout BGM.
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    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    Thanks for answering! Yes, tried BGS true and false, didn't fix my problem. I'll see if I can tweak the RPGM code, so the sounds don't stack.
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    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    Hi @OcRam This plugin allows to play multiple sounds at once. Is there a way to disable this during battle (or on animation fx)? The problem that I have is that the sounds are stacking, making it very loud when they're playing all at once. For instance: a debuff spell applied on a group of 8...
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    Plugin game over

    I would suggest using this plugin: ...and a common event to play a video
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    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    There's just too much stuff to combine into a single tileset. Suggest you use it as a salad bar: take what you want and leave the rest on the counter
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    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    This thread is for the light time system guys... Anywho, to answer your question: You play the BGS or BGM and setup the volume, just as usual:
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    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    If that can be of any consolation to you, my game uses your tiles quite extensively to UP+ the ambiance to what would be pretty plain maps. Vines, for instance, make this flooded mine more realistic.
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    Original Character Contest 3 MV VOTING! VOTE NOW! (ENDS JAN 19th!)

    I wish we had more than 3 votes. Being a hardcore lover of rodents, I had to cast my first vote to Hoppyfoot... that left me only with 2 votes, and there are far more than 2 that deserves the praises! Edit: Yes, yes, I do know that rabbits are not rodents, but lagomorphs. I was just keeping it...
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    Equipment Skill preview help

    I did something similar, using states. For instance: when a character is wearing a full set of a armor (head, chest, legs and arms), a bonus is applied. A state is also attached to this bonus. There are a few ways to see states, easier is probably through a status screen. I'm also using...
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    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    I'm just dropping by to share that I've fixed my issue by manually setting up my light transition, instead of having the plugin handling them. The way I have it working now is starting a transition when getting out, but adjusting the color and duration of that transition depending on time. If...
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    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    @User1978 If you want to use a torch, the plugin command in the OcRam Lights plugin is light_player. For instance, to turn it on: and to turn it off: Result
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    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    Yes, that’s a function that comes with OcRam light. Look in the light plugin, you can have a light following the player.
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    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    Well, you’re not sharing much about your expectations or intents, so I’ll say in short: yes, with a few caveats.

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