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    RMMV Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants | Looking for streamers

    Can I beta test this game?
  2. mosoku

    Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy?

    I can't decide. When I first started playing rpgs I preferred final fantasy because 7 and 10 were great. When I eventually played more dragon quest game including 4 and 7 I started to prefer Dragon Quest. Now that I've played most of them I can't choose one or the other.
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    Books: Do you really bother to read them?

    I hate books, but ironically I'm always compelled to read in game books. I'm always up for a bit more plot in my games.
  4. mosoku

    RMVXA Harpy Lady Lyd

    I played the demo it looks cool. It kinda reminds me of pokemon puzzle league.
  5. mosoku

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    What Benny said. I also hate overly noble heroes.
  6. mosoku

    My RPG Maker game was noticed by a company!!

    I agree with what seems to be the consensus of the group here. It's a bad idea to work with this company.
  7. mosoku

    ReStaff October 2021 Release

    I like the pumpkins and the cats.
  8. mosoku

    Your favorite RPG class?

    I like mages the most. They're powerful with a nice variety of attacks and effects.

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