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  1. Are these signs of a pirated copy of my game?

    No one takes the time to 'crack' a sucky game.
  2. Mapping of old RPG games.

    I noticed it. The "pilgramage" theme made it palatable, but it was still limiting. You could backtrack if you wanted to, but there wasn't much reason to, at least not until you got the monster hunter gear and the airship (and then the "real" game started if you were on a subsequent playthrough)...
  3. Distributing just to friends

    If you use the email feature, your friends download the .apk which then asks to be installed on their device. They need to have 'install from untrusted sources' enabled (they can disable it again afterwards, of course).
  4. Mapping of old RPG games.

    I'm going to comment on this point. Most players don't like 'complicated' maps. See: Daggerfall. No RPG that I can think of before or since comes close to the awesomeness of Daggerfall dungeons and especially it's projective geometry auto-map (excluding games that are _purely_ dungeon...
  5. Why is the RPG Maker name so hated?

    Haters gonna Hate; Fanbois gonna Fanboi. Look at Fallout 4. You've already got a slew of people calling it 'The Worst Game EVAH!' balanced by the people that would sing it's praises if the thing ate their hard drive and spit it out through the power supply fan. Then you have all the people in...
  6. Poor implementation of plugin aliasing?

    The issue is magnified because we're now talking about developing for mobile platforms, which don't have the processing power of a PC. If you're only building a game for PC's then you don't have as much to worry about, but for those of us who want to tap into the 'app' market, it's a sea change...
  7. Distributing just to friends

    If you're using Intel XDK, at the end of the build process a screen should come up asking if you want to email the .apk link to anyone. Just add your friends emails and send them the link. That's how I get it to my android devices and it goes without a hitch.
  8. Poor implementation of plugin aliasing?

    This is honestly was has my hyped about using this now. Still figuring stuff out. I'll admit questions like interpreter optimization are further down in my bucket list than things like "Why does forcing GPU rendering worsen performance in some areas while helping others?" and "What _exactly_ is...
  9. Is widescreen worth it?

    If I was making a game for the PC I would stick with 4:3.  With the limited options going widescreen borks players with older monitors (who - and this is just a wild guess - would be a group that intersects with "people who play old-skool/cheap games").  If I did put in a 'detect widescreen'...
  10. Poor implementation of plugin aliasing?

    I think this this is a great post Shaz. This is one of the downsides to aliasing, although I'll be the first to agree in the case of Game_Interpreter its pretty much unavoidable if you're writing as a plugin (I only put in the 'pretty much' because I know absolutes are almost always at least...
  11. Complicated payment structures: a bad idea?

    You talked about hosting costs, so I'm assuming this game is online in some way.  Take a look at other games out there and what they are _successfully_ charging money for. I think I can count the number of pure subscription based games on one hand at this point. $20 (US) is what I just paid for...
  12. How would you let users write a whole function as a parameter in the plugin manager?

    A couple questions: How advanced do you expect the users of your plugin to be and do you plan to do any debugging based on user reports/requests? My personal 'gut' feeling is that any user capable of writing a function that can be passed and parsed whole is capable of rewriting the code in...
  13. How many of you will still use RMVXA?

    If I were going to develop a game strictly for PC, I would stick with ACE simply for the sheer amount of resources available for it.
  14. Maybe don't make complex Scripts?

    Ultimately, if you want to be able to create games with scripts that do exactly what you want (and especially that do ONLY what you want), you're going to have to either learn to code or privately commission someone to code for you. Using other people's code means you get their design goals and...
  15. MV MMO Dev Kit

    Why? If it's a secure algorithm there should be no issues as long as every site uses individual keys. In fact, every site should use the strongest encryption algorithms available.

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Messing around with fragment shaders (filters). This thing is HUGE and I'm surprised almost no one makes good use of. Even the number of plugins that do this stuff are limited.

There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
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