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  1. Animation not appearing on Yanfly's action Sequence Pack

    Both action sequences work fine when I transfer all the plugins currently being used to a fresh project, which drives me even more confused. I mean, the same action sequence was working correctly until a while ago inside my current project; I don't actually know what would be the action I've...
  2. Animation not appearing on Yanfly's action Sequence Pack

    Hello, Basically, whenever I try to put an animation inside the "<whole action>" tag, the animation doesn't play at all, it just gets skipped instead. This issue only affects the animations, not other commands like "action effect", and it only appears when I put the animation command...
  3. Help with Yanfly's Visual HP Gauge.

    Hello, I was massing arround with Yanfly's Visual HP Gauge plugin in order to change some of its functionality. I managed to add a MP bar and modify some other few things, but then the game started to run deliberately slow (with huge framerate issues, to the point it becomes extremely...
  4. How to create a counter that deals the original amount of damage?

    Hello, I was able to change the skill used when countering a physical move by adding "this._action.setSkill(x);" at the .invokeCounterAttack function in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core script. Question is, I have no idea of how to actually set the damage of the attack chosen as the counter...
  5. I need support in Vlue's Basic options menu (RMVXACE).

    I didn't know that LOL. However you can still keep the PC running after disconnecting the keyboard, or, according to what I have found online, you can change these settings in the BIOS settings so the PC can boot w/o keyboard after booting with it once.
  6. I need support in Vlue's Basic options menu (RMVXACE).

    Hello! Well, I've already finished that game that I was making and although I didn't quite solve the issue in the first question, I managed to implement the feature I desired, which was to enable the player to change the value of a specific variable at any time when not battling using the mouse...
  7. How can I disable the "guard pose" while using the guard command?

    Great, now the characters do not show the guarding pose while using the guarding command. However, the pose still ramains at the the skill selection screen, where the character poses right after choosing "guard", while I'm still selecting the actions of other actors. The pose goes off as soon as...
  8. How can I disable the "guard pose" while using the guard command?

    It doesn't work, since the pose is activated even if I remove the "add state Guard" effect from the Guard command. I know this is a possiblity, but I still want to use that Guard pose for other means. Is there away to disable the gurd pose for the guard command without needing to change...
  9. How can I disable the "guard pose" while using the guard command?

    Question is, I want the guard command to stay on my game; but I want for the character to stay in its regular animation while guarding insteadof doing the "guard pose". How can I do that? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  10. How to fix my game window?

    Works perfectly! Thanks.
  11. How to fix my game window?

    It's just as I wanted when I select items from the left column, but it still bugs out when selected out from right column.
  12. How to fix my game window?

    TheoAllen, you are right. I actually forgot to add the image of the item menu. Here it is: Can you help me?
  13. How to fix my game window?

    So, in the script "Window_MenuStatus" of my game, I changed these lanes to this: and the lanes to this: in order to achieve this specific character window size: However, there exists an unwanted graphical bug. There's a "blank space" in the menu from the window that gets cut...
  14. Event Original Character Contest - MV Entries

    1) Character name: Hopeanne 2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc: Hopeanne is an 8-year old girl who wants to change the world. She had a very difficult childhood, because she was grown in a very sexist country, where women were seen as inferior and...
  15. Ok, I'm new here, how can I PM that person? Thanks.

    Ok, I'm new here, how can I PM that person? Thanks.

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