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  • Hi, I'm the guy with the Parallax map problem. Is it Possible to see a map or something from you to find my mistake that i did? Maybe you're using a plugin that fix it. It would be a big help to find out what i did wrong and i would make me happy if you could help me
    Status Updates is not for making requests like this - it is intended to be much lighter, odd bits of information, random thoughts etc.
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Sometimes you Just need to realise someone is beyond help... Still hard to walk away tho :(
100 Horror/Tragedy Sample Maps, Penguin Mech Sprite, & TileD Templates | RPG Maker News #70

Continuing working on abs. So far I have done the workout twice. I am excited to see the results after a couple of weeks. How is everyone doing? :)
MZ: oh boy imma work today
Me, excited: Really?
MZ, doesn't do what I tell It too
Me: I Thought-
MZ: I am Working!
Oof, this "side project" of mine is starting to get as complex as a VS plugin, at least as far as plugin parameters are concerned. I think I now understand why a plugin like this doesn't already exist(that I know of). Learning a lot while trying to make it work though!

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