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    The Mother I Love - Full Playthrough.

    This is the full playthrough of a short Japanese game that was made in RPG Maker MV. It's more of a visual novel with some gameplay elements tackled on. Story is pretty simple and straightforward, too. English subtitle is almost completed, please make sure you enable captions to see it. Any...
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    Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony - Winners!

    Didn't see this thread until now. Congrats to everyone who participated. :)
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    Anonymity, identity, implications, and solutions

    I have to admit, the OP was clever to have come up with this thread. Probably among the weirdest threads in this forum's history. Just gonna reply to a few noticeable things I see: This is a dangerous line to walk on. Not sure how serious this is, but it's a bold statement to make. Perhaps too...
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    Anonymity, identity, implications, and solutions

    I'll comment when I have time. In the meantime, you all have some of this:
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    Event Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Contest!

    Wish I had time to come up with something for an easy $5. Welp. Maybe next time. Good luck to those who entered. :)
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    My PC's WiFi connector became loose and wiggling.

    I don't have compressed air and never used it because to me it's just like blowing dust all over other places. Those little antennas must be more than just to help with internet speed. The PC won't have internet if I take them off. I recall taking them off once and the PC couldn't connect to the...
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    My PC's WiFi connector became loose and wiggling.

    Pic: The one on the right. I can move it around, while the left one is still securely tight. I can still attach the WiFi antenna to the connectors, but I'm very worried that this might affect my internet speed eventually. Apparently, to fix this, I'd...
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    Party Members

    Probably excusable if the MC/party leader is attractive and the party members only join so they can date him/her.
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    To add to what Hawk was saying: normal reviews usually don't take more than 5-10 minutes. Unless they are very in depth review, which can take as long as more than an hour. These go deeper into details regarding the game's plot and gameplay, composed with pre-recorded footage to illustrate the...
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    Multiple projects disabled?

    Have you tried reinstalling the program? Might not work, but just give it a shot... I have no problem opening the same project multiple times, either.
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    Multiple projects disabled?

    That's strange... I was able to open two different projects just fine a few days ago. Still works now. I have the Steam version.
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    Found traces of Malware when PC was being repaired.

    So it's likely that he plugged in a USB or external drive or whatever. But he wouldn't have to lie that he didn't...? Or maybe he really didn't, like Andar said, a virtual drive was created... ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ No. We came close to having to reinstall Windows, but didn't have to. Nothing related to lost...
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    Found traces of Malware when PC was being repaired.

    I sent my PC to a repair shop last week to fix some issues. Everything went well after that. Today, I was checking Windows Defender, and noticed that there were trojan in my PC, and it was found last Wednesday, while it was at the shop.
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    [CGMZ] Crafting

    Hello, There are three things that I want to get rid of: 1. "Times Crafted". 2. "Success Rate". 3. The blue bar at the bottom, along with the colon ":". These are useless since cooking in my game is instantaneous and always successful. There won't be any leveling up, either. I tried to...
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    Weapon Types

    What kind of physical disability are we talking about here? If he can still use his hands and arms, give him a shower hose that shoots out boiling water.

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