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    Need help with a little math.

    Hello, I need help with calculating some numbers. Let's say I have a character that starts with 100 HP, and I want her maximum HP to increase by 10 every time she levels up. What would the maximum HP be when she reaches level 100 (or 99 in the database)? I thought it'd be 99 x 10 = 990, then...
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    Using screenshot as battleback.

    @poorrabbit Found the setting, thanks!
  3. Mr. Detective

    Using screenshot as battleback.

    Hello, I'm using a screenshot of a map as my battleback. Problem is: the screenshot isn't appearing in its original size. Not sure why this happened. How can I make the battleback show up exactly the same as the screenshot? And yeah, I need to hide that UI button. Thanks in advance!
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    Just the starting gears and gems. Nothing strange. [ATTACH] I don't think the crystals are the...

    Just the starting gears and gems. Nothing strange. I don't think the crystals are the culprit. I've been using these gears before entering the sewer. The glitch is gone now. Haven't been playing again, so no idea if it will randomly happen again.
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    RMMV Corpse Party: Frozen Fear

    This sounds like it could be its own standalone game, instead of a fan game...
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    Have Your Game Played on an official RPG Maker Web Stream!

    You forgot to post the stream from yesterday.
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    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Submission Thread!

    Finally got it done at near the last minute! Had to rush this and still ran into some nasty recording issues, but I did the best I could. I apologize for text speed, sincerely! T_T Nothing special but I hope it was at...
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    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Rules

    Apologize for this silly question, but where can I find the MZ logo? Google only shows this and it's certainly not what the other RPG Maker logos look like. It's lacking a picture, no?
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    Best size for message window?

    @Hyouryuu-Na Nah, I meant the size of the textbox, not the game resolution. Trying to find the best width for it. But I thought 1280x720 was a good resolution for fullscreen, and that's what I have now. Didn't realize 1280 wasn't divisible by 48... Do I need to change? I think I'll stick with...
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    Best size for message window?

    @Soulrender I tried to imagine how yours looks like, but it seems kind of strange to me... Does the size have to be divisible by 48? I tried 1080, then 960, and now down to 864. I think I might stick with 864 instead of 816, slightly more space to work with it doesn't look too suffocating. What...
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Let me chime in a bit... On the subject at hand: our games are not the same and we all have different ways of doing things. Just because one way works for you doesn't mean it must work for everyone else and vice versa. The players won't know any of these behind-the-scenes methods. What they...
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    Best size for message window?

    I'm currently making my game in 1280x720 resolution, and I'm wondering what size I should have for the message window. At first, I changed the size to 1280. But then I noticed that not everyone does this, and I don't see myself using the entire textbox, since it would be slightly uncomfortable...
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    Your preferred tutorial?

    Tales, Persona, Final Fantasy games all have easy to understand tutorials. But for an RPG Maker game, I'd use screenshots and pictures, then explain to the players with in-game texts.
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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    I'm about to make a short cutscene for the Valentine contest. Can I use it for this contest, too? @stramin Just use a different song for this contest.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Working on a battle hud. Wonder if I should have some sort of background at the back of the hud or leave it as is. Still working on it, but it's close to how the end product will look like. Each character will have a different colored box. I can also either get rid of the background boxes...

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