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  • I came to send Mr. Trivel a message about commercial use of a plug-in of theirs. Clearly, like the mods have stated, they have not been online in ages. But their wordpress states the Terms of Use.
    "As of 2016-10-26 all my plugins are free for both commercial and non-commercial projects."
    Just thought I would drop this here for anyone who may be wondering. :D
    Hello, Mr. Tribel i want to ask if i can use ur monster book plugin for my commercial mv project?
    Mr Trivel has not been on the site since June 2016, so is unlikely to see your question.
    Mr. Trivel. I downloaded your hurt sounds plugin. And, in the help files it says you fixed a certain game crash that happens when an actor or enemy without a hurt note gets hit. Well, my actor HAS a hurt note, and it still crashes the game! How do I fix this?
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose.
    I suggest you start a thread in Plugin Support as Mr. Trivel has not been on the site for nearly 18 months.

    Is it possible to make your Quicksand plugin compatible with the latest MV version?

    I believe it may have stopped working.

    Status updates are not for Support questions.  Please post in the appropriate part of the forum.
    My apologies! I thought this for direct contact with the user.

    Won't do it again :)
    Helllo! WHich is the best way to contact you in private? Have you got an email, or should i use the submission form on your website?

    Thanks have a nice day!
    Hey there, I sent you a message a few days ago. Can you please check your inbox and get back to me asap?  Thanks :)  
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