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MV Plugins:

Battle Character Limit - Command an army instead of a party.

Book Menu - A menu with images only.

Color Shifting Enemies - Make enemies go disco disco in battles.

Common Event Logger - When you can't find that one common event that is being called somewhere.

Conjure Weapons - Who doesn't want to summon a Über Sword of Winning +99 which actor can't wield it normally?

Critical Multiplier - Various things can change critical multiplier for characters now, no more damage * 3 as a critical.

Damage Postfix - 10.5M looks nicer than 10500000.

Dark Room Covers - Not everything can be seen from a distance.

Death Sounds - Make battlers play a death sound when they die.

Different Skill Effects Depending on Target - Says everything.

Enemy EXP Change - EXP depends on battler levels instead of static EXP.

Enemy Positions - Change or randomize enemy positions in battle.

Emerge (Enemy) Animations - Enemies play an animation when they appear in battles.

Event Names - Gives a name, picture or icon above events to display.

Hurt Sounds - Play a sound on getting hit.

Icon Menu - A menu with icons and a help window.

Invisible Events in (our out of) Range - Now you see me, now you don't.

Luminus Status Screen - Changing how status screen looks.

Map Destination Image - Change the blinking square, and can even be animated.

Max HP = HP state - 100 HP means 100 max HP, 50 HP means 50 max HP with this state.

Minimum Damage - Because 0 damage is too little.

Monster Book - Bestiary

Percent Equipment Stats - +20% Strength, +90% Intelligence and +999 Luck.

Perks - Perk system. Allows actors to spend points on perks which increase actor's abilities.

Pickboard - Pick rewards from the board for a price per pick

Popups - Popups appear when gold or items are obtained or forcefully with plugin commands.

Progress Title Screen - Change title screen background depending on story progress.

Quicksand - Make regions sink people in, a bit or completely. Events can be sunk in, too.

Rare Enemies - Make rare enemies sometimes appear instead of normal enemies.

Region Transfer - Because 100 events is not as good as a simple line of region.

Salvage Items - Salvage and dismantle useless weapons to get materials to craft new ones.

Simple Mercenaries - Hire a few people, they'll help in your battles.

Simple Shop Tax - Taxes are now in shops!

Simple Skill Leveling - Change weaker skills into stronger ones after X uses.

Simple Title Screen - A few simple changes to title screen.

Static EXP - 100 EXP a level, each level.

Skill Time Reaction - Press a button in time to strengthen the skill used.

Skill: Steal - Steal gold, items. For thieves only.

Use Weapons and Armors in Battle - As items, throw them at enemies!

Vehicle Music Fix - Less bugs.

VX Ace Plugins


Quicksand - Player starts sinking, and if he sinks in completely - Game Over. Allows for multiple types. Can define snow, only sinking a little bit and no Game Over, or swamp, sinking to death unless having a specific item.

Learn Skills from Items - Some equipment have magical powers that allow actors use new skills while they have it equipped. After winning enough battles, actors will learn the skills themselves.
Enemies Teach Skills on Death - Enemies have a chance of giving away their skill on death to specific classes.
Conjure Weapons in battle - Conjure magical weapons in midst of battle.

Battle System:

Rare Enemies - What if there was a small enemy to be a rare version that drops some good loot? Or maybe it's a shiny??

Conditional Drops - Etrian Odyssey-esque system which allows for enemies to drop a specific item on condition. Maybe some fire boss will drop an über weapon if killed by fire attack!
Simple Battle Rows - No more having your healers on the frontlines where they take all the damage! Of course, enemies won't be nicely sitting in front row, too.
Spell Tiers - No more infinite spells. Actors can only have 3 spells per tier, and tiers are limited!


Hurt Sounds - Enemies will play a sound effect when being hit.

Actor System:

Actor Stats on Level Up - Actors will receive stats to their base values on level up according to formula instead of the set value inside class. Allows for more free stat allocation. Maybe the more STR actor has, the more HP it gets!
Static EXP - Actors will require same amount of EXP for each level. And all enemies give EXP based on their and actors levels.
Stat Points - How about some stat points on level up?
Thirst System - Is thirst killing your actors? Not yet?

Shop System:
Shops get new Items when you Sell items to it (v1.0) - Etrian Odyssey style, sell materials to the shop and shop will acquire new items to sell!
Open Shops (v1.0) - Instead of talking to the clerk to buy items, your actor can now be shy and buy items by talking to them!


Crafting System:

Crafting Simple - A simple crafting system.

Additional Systems:
Gambler’s Forge (v1.01) - What to do with those 99 Bronze Swords? Gamble them away!

Item List Icons only - Instead of showing full names, the inventory only shows icons of items.
Expanded Actor Menu (v1.12a) - Shows only 1 actor on the menu, but with equipment and extended stats.
No Actor Menu (v1.00) - Only has command menu in the menu.
Item Menu Scene (v1.01) - Shows more data about the items.


Heal on Move - Healing when moving! Roguelike style!

Auto Dash - Never stop running!
Restore HP & MP on level up - No more hanging with 2 HP after a hard fight in middle of dungeon if you leveled up.
Item Sell Price Note tags - Quick way to setup sell prices.
Shop Check - Shops now know if you sold items to it, bought items from it or did anything at all.


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