Currently working on sprite sheets for my RPG Maker MV project: Baxter's Ringtale

About the Game:
It's an emotional, story driven game that focuses on some heavy themes of loss, love, and hardship. The main characters are all forest critters with somewhat cutesy designs to create a nice juxtaposition with the subject matter presented in the game. The gameplay is a little dash of Zelda, mixed with old school final fantasy, with a splash of new age fast paced, resource management heavy battle. A quick "that's the gist of it" synopsis of the story: You play as Baxter, a young raccoon who longs for adventure, but aside from his strength, is rather ill equipped for it... Your childhood best friend, Maryette Mouse, has started having end of times style premonitions in her sleep, so she asks you to accompany her as she tries to find answers and to hopefully stop her visions from coming true. Throughout the story you are kind of just along for the ride. Her visions come as broken pieces here and there so she can't give you all the details, and you just have to trust her... Even if you feel like maybe you aren't ready to do so... But as you go through the journey you come into your own as an adventurer and slowly become something resembling a hero, meeting other heros, and many villains along the way.

If you're into that/music, here is a link to the soundtrack so far
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