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  • Using RMMV - How the crap do I get the weapons sheets (in 'system' folder) aligned using the Time Fantasy side-view battlers..? They appear behind the characters, or at their feet... Would also like to have weapon sprites change depending on specific weapons used, once the first issue is sorted - any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
    Hell... YES! I've successfully created event systems that perfectly emulate the trapped chests and item identify systems of the ol' Wizardry games... Now, how the crap do I make a plugin with these...? ~_~
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working on an A/V sync system for my game! was NOT expecting the first roadblock to be accessing a variable from a public class!! Computers are so finicky sometimes :kaosigh:
For the first real time since my game's inception I found myself actually having fun playing around with my party's skills while testing out some battles! So much so, that I actually forgot what I was doing for a minute and had to force myself to move on to the next thing! :guffaw:

That's got to be a good sign considering it only has place holder animations, enemy skills, troop comps, etc. right now. Feels good!
Finally upgraded to RMMZ.
FINALLY, I figured out how to get the "tail" to appear IN the window and not directly below it lol. now it looks like it's part of the window and not hanging from the bottom of it.
Twitch! Stream is about to go live with some Dark Souls 2! Feel free to drop by!

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