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  1. What does "Made with RMMV" mean?

    Okay, thanks for the info guys!
  2. Common Events for attacks

    So I had this idea for an attack where if the enemy isn't a boss and is at 50% or lower health, the attack will OHKO them. Otherwise it does nothing. I figured the best way I can manage this is by using a Common Event and having a Conditional Branch that will manage the attack.
  3. What does "Made with RMMV" mean?

    If my game is made entirely in RMMV, but it's using the default assets and assets made by other members of the community, will I still be able to distribute the game commercially? I understand I'm gonna ask for permission from certain content creators before I put my game out for everyone to...
  4. Something's wrong with my character creator

    So the newest update for MV came out today, and with all the really cool things that they changed and added, something horribly wrong has happened with my character maker. Everytime I open it, I'm greeted to this. The male sprites are just, gone. Period. It's not that the Generator folder has...
  5. Help with the Yanfly Class System

    Thank you so much! This will defenetly help me :)
  6. Help with the Yanfly Class System

    Hi, I'm looking to use Yanfly's Class Change and Subclass plugins to make it so that my heroes all have their own section of sub-classes that the player can swap through. For example, one of my heroes was going to have 3 subclasses named "Tank", "Brawler", and "Reckless". And each of these...
  7. RPG Maker MV Iconsets by Henrique Lazarini

    I'll defenetly use these!! They look fantastic! Thank you for your contribution!!

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