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  1. Music Maker for commercial use?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a music maker like musicshake, just for commercial use. I've been working with musicshake for a while now but I wanna make my first commercial game, but in the terms of musicshake is stated that I'm not allowed to use my music in any commercial purpose. I hope you can...
  2. What music is allowed

    Hey, I'm trying to choose a song for the credits of my game, and I chose "Warriors" froom Imagine Dragons. . But now I'm not sure wether it's even legal for me to use this, the game is a free game, and as far as I understood the things I read it should be ok as long as I credit them. I hope you...
  3. Invisible wall

    Oh crap, sry for late respond but I had trouble with my password :/ XD Well, but I'm using the script now, it's really great, thank you. This can be closed now.
  4. Invisible wall

    Hey, I was just wondering if there is a method to make invisible walls (The character wants to walk on a usually passable tile, but now it made unpassible). Looking forward to answers, MRColourblock.
  5. Galv's Character Effects: Mirror on bigger Rooms

    Ok, sorry for posting it wrong. But thanks for the answer, I'm using Yanfly's script now. This thread can be closed now :D
  6. Galv's Character Effects: Mirror on bigger Rooms

    Hey Guys, I just started mkaing a game called Rorrim and, as you might have already guessed, it contains a lot of mirrors. I'm using Galv's Character Effects for the mirror and it worked fine, till I made a bigger Room than 17x13. The problem is that the Parallax is moving so it looks the the...
  7. Battlers request

    Hey, first I hope this belongs in here :) and second: I'm looking for some remakes of the original battlers because I don't really loke some of the original ones (like the snake), also they have to be free for commercial games, I really hope you can help me, MRColourblock.
  8. Moghunters weather effects won't show up

    The weather script isn't using any switches/variables, I also added my scripts one by one to the new project and It worked with all scripts, so it has to be something different. 
  9. Moghunters weather effects won't show up

    Wel, the script is set up right,  It has to be another script i use, cause it worked in a new project with only this script installed :/  I'm using a bunch of scripts and I actually need them for my game, I use the weather script only to make a sandstorm, so it looks better. Are there any other...
  10. Moghunters weather effects won't show up

    Hey guys, I downloaded moghunters script for weather effect (, I actually copy/pasted it directly from the master demo. But when I start the game, there is no effect, I checked the pictures location and made sure to use the right command...
  11. Busts/Portraits for actor 5

    Hey guys, some time ago I downloaded Busts for my game but now I noticed that the portraits for the actor 5 collection are missing. Now I'm looking for these busts for my (commercial) Game. hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock
  12. How do I change several tiles at ones

    Ok, it worked :D thankks very much for the answers
  13. How do I change several tiles at ones

    Hi everyone, I just tried to make a portal (3x2 tiles), but I don't know how to make all tiles change at once, since it's not a graphic for an event. Hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock
  14. Modern algebras quest log syntaxerror

    It' working now, thanks, sometime it's the most obvious :D
  15. Modern algebras quest log syntaxerror here's the link And this is where I put the data  (Right under my previous Quest)

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