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  • Thanks for fixing the EnemyBook & ItemBook Plugins. 

    Quick question, however… After quitting the Item Book I get a weird message box with a sequence of numbers… mostly 1s and 2s… seems to be random in length, sometimes its just one message box, sometimes I have to click through 10 of them… Any idea what could cause this?

    Since you appear to to be a Javascript godling and you already fixed the updated ItemBook.js, can you take a look at the SkottyTV version of EnemyBook?  It has the same problem ItemBook did and is probably the same fix.  I attached the latest version of EnemyBook.js I could find.  Thanks in advance!

    View attachment 42287
    lol  ;)
    That did it!  mrcopra, you have done it again.  Do you mind if I re-post your fixes on the Javascript forums?  It looks like MrScottyTV hasn't been active in the forums for quite some time and I have seen several people looking for working versions of the ItemBook and EnemyBook updates.  Thanks!!!
    I don't mind at all
    One more question. How do you set this as a conditional branch?


    What goes in the place of commas? It doesn't give me any error, but I can't make it work. My character is wearing equipment, but the event tells him that he's not. How do I set it correctly? Thanks!
    Apparently the specific slot script worked from the begining, it's just my fault I had a problem with it. Now everything is working perfectly.  :guffaw:
    lol it happening sometime for me too  BD
    Please don't use the status feed to ask for help with your game.  Post in the forum, or if you MUST get an answer from a specific person (not sure why in this case, because there are many who are capable of answering this for you), use PM so the rest of the world doesn't have to see it.

    There's a tab at the top of the page for forum rules.  There's a link in there to status feed rules.
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The honeymoon period is over with Cyberpunk 2077, It sadly doesnt live up to the hype, pretty graphics arent everything (especially when I cant even do something as simple as changing the radio station over!). Replaying Breath of the wild has reminded me what a good game really looks like, plus that one has good glitches!....

Maybe...a Drinkable Water Plant or something?
Who would have thought making interesting birds would be so difficult/fun?

Randomly spawning anywhere on map (sometimes even flying), having a chance of landing on a different spot on map when flying. Also chance of flying off screen if spooked/sees the player

I think I got it!
Since I started in this world of make games, It's hard for me to enjoy playing a game. It's like, coding and make it work, sounds like I'm playing and have fun o_O

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