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  1. Purchased RPG Maker and they didn't send anything.

    Fun fact if your email is gmail their system sometimes struggles getting it out? Atleast that is what their support said. Finally got back to me. They had to email me a bunch of downloads.
  2. Purchased RPG Maker and they didn't send anything.

    I purchased RPG maker MZ bundle S from the site (Not steam), figured try and support the company directly. They haven't sent any downloads for all the stuff in the bundle. No activation key (I've tried purchase number and order number). I emailed customer support and nothing. Is this a common...

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I officially declare today "test play day." I'm going to waste the whole day playing video games, which isn't a shock to anybody, but hopefully today I'll play my own and figure out what still needs fixin's.
Empty Bottles and Health Extenders are now a thing.
Also the Sling-Shot does damage to enemies now, but not a lot and you won't get gold from killing them that way.

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