I am brand new to the RPG Maker Engines, but am an old turtle when it comes to story development and keeping an audience entertained with a story. I am going through College right now and am studying Accounting and will later pursue my medical degree in hopes to become a surgeon. I have been cleaning houses for the past 6 years of my life and do not recommend it to anyone for a profession ;). I have 2 little dogs, a cat, and love to watch anime for my down time. I also like to play on on my free time and max out anywhere between 500K-1M. Other than that, that is me in a nutshell

Story Development, Accounting, Medicine, Chemistry, Politics, Anime, Piano.
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Don't look at me like that - it's not my fault you make mistakes! If you are angry at me, just stop talking to me and I'll do the same.



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I'm actively looking for people who want to recreate classical compositions in the public domain for RPG Maker games. I've got a whole kick going on of looking for several resources from anyone which would be sharable amongst commercial games. This latest pursuit is something I'm surprised no one else has started doing.
I played Deltarune chapter 2 today! It was great. No spoilers, but I hope one day I can design a world as interesting as Toby Fox and team.
Holy cow, I have made Row Formation work again with OTB!

Now, my devious machinations can finally be born...

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