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    Why VN?

    I hope this doesn't come out as obnoxious, but I am using MV right now for my VN I am making and I haven't had any problems with it. I don't see the need to use this engine. What makes VN maker better than MV for making visual novels?

    My MV wont open up

    I don't remember my key and this is why I am here because the tech support wont let me send a help request without it. I had MV for a while now and it just wont open up. I have a MAC OS computer if that helps.

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    I apologize to those that sent me art submission requests, I nearly forgot this thread existed since I made it a long time ago. I updated the wanted list now though, so worry not!!! Now looking specifically for voice actors.

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    I am finding lots of success, but things can still go faster. Let me know if you want to help out.

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    Still looking for people to pitch in

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    This game is basically done as far as the storyline goes, now I need lovely pictures to go along with it. I can give you details on what it is that I want, I just need the hands to make the people come to life visually. Pictures that include: Scenary - heavy woods People Scenary and people in...

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    Update - new characters are coming in, but I only have 1 artist at the moment, so new things are coming in very slowly at the moment. If anyone out there wants to help, it will greatly increase this speed. We want you! Don't be scared of my little girl profile picture, I promise she won't bite ;)

    [OPEN] Futrchamp's Music Laboratory

    ur gettin pretty good at this stuff ;)

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    Thanks Logan. And for anyone else who knew about this thread a long time ago, things have changed - I mean REALLY changed a lot - story, plot, progression... so make sure to update yourself in case I told you about it a long time ago.

    [OPEN] Futrchamp's Music Laboratory

    I really like that "Lockup" theme. :)

    Dramatic ending enhancement

    Some people have come up to me already with their projects, but at the moment, there is no limit on how many people want my service, so if you want in - there is no need to be shy. And as mentioned above, if you want a simple ending, I can probably make it right on the dot, but if you want an...

    This is difficult for no reason? Can't focus!

    I have these problems when options are too broad for what I am doing. Kinda like a teacher giving you a "do what you want to" assignment, in a sense, they are the worst cause you don't know what the heck to do XD Either that or maybe your storyline is not developed enough and you need to add...

    I hate my life!!! .....

    Well I could do that too, but the thing is that my life sux cuz its boring. If I were to sit here and tell you about a boring life, you would leave cuz its boring XD ha ha

    Dramatic ending enhancement

    Got a story that you are working on that needs a better ending? Need a second and third opinion on it before using it? Perhaps I can help... and for less than a penny a year! (not really, its all for free.) I make dramatic endings for games! Whether they are more tame or if they are dark and...

    Strawberry's Fizzy Sprites (0/2 slots open)

    how many sprites are you willing to work on for one project?

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