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    You do you, fellow member of the AFF.
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    Same :") Hope everything's going well for you ^^
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    I ain't dead btw, just trying to keep up with university :)
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    @Tea's Jams oh. for real? They are gifting three months of xbox game pass to all nitro users.
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    If anyone here has discord nitro, you should check your gift inventory! There's something nice.
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    Hi im Eric and this is my first time making an actual game i have fiddled around with rpg maker in the past but not much! Please take...
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    Hey-oh! Feel free to share your experience and ask for help when you feel like it, want a cookie?
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    The kind of navy that only had one hit, and then faded into obscurity.
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    The sailors say "MZ, you're a fine girl "(You're a fiiiiine girl) "What a gooood wife, you would be (such a fiiiine girl) "But my life...
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    What kind of navy is that? (I like it)
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    Aaaa, yes mine. Imagine finding your mother in space.
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    Progresses and WIP. Probably senseless to you without the context.
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    @Ami Proooobably... *runs away*
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    @MrKiwi Psst...(Is That Spoiler?)

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I just saw in a manga an interesting mechanic - setting up a stationary teleport beacon that one can go to no matter where one is in a dungeon. I think it'll work with a similar setup to how I did my airship transition.

Ooh what if you could set up multiple beacons and choose from a list of the beacons you set up?

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