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  1. 'Types' Discussion

    tbh, if anyone has played fire emblem, I feel they did it perfectly. They incorperated various kinds of damage on a nice scale. swords didn't do slash damage, they were simply doing 'sword dmg' ect... and some things, especially other weapons, it was a perk to use such.
  2. What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    I think they're fine as long as like @Makio-Kuta said. I personally am also working on a brewing system to make potions, and one of the ingredients is a hallucinogenic. Obvious drug, but nothing too easy that a kid could realize what it was. 
  3. 'Types' Discussion

    ah, so in your opinion, how would this play out? the typical elements, fire, water, wind, lightning, ice then the 3 physical ones. Blunt, pierce, slash. Skills from things such as sword(default slash) could actually turn the sword into piercing. Or hey, use 'shield bash' for blunt damage...
  4. 'Types' Discussion

    ya, I  myself for a fantasy medieval have ignis, terra, aer, aqua,Lightning, light, dark(heal/curse based are the light/dark), then I have the 3 pierce, blunt, slice element.  Since with yanfly's battle AI, I've got them coded in pretty heavily to take in account all of these.   I gotta ask...
  5. 'Types' Discussion

    ah yeah,  I agree. I've been looking around, more less pit patting and collecting typing ideas. I've found rpgs with too little, ruin the experiance, and too much, also ruin the experiance. Like no offense to pokemon, but 18 types is a little much. Where as, I've played rpg with 5 types, and...
  6. 'Types' Discussion

    I'll use my game I'm developing as an example, but this is generally a question all around to any game.  What do you(the community) feel about the different types in most rpgs? I've been running into rpg after rpg where weapons all do the same kind of 'physical' damage, but where is the...
  7. Character Creation System

    @Silenity I've looked into that, but it is not exactly what I'm looking for. Tbh, it would still require me to no doubt sit down and make 200k + images for the user to choose from, and that is if I'm not giving them all the options I want them to.
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    No offense taken btw to who ever comments. I know this sucks as it has 'nothing' added to it, but thats the purpose of this atm. I'm looking for feedback on it, seeing if my mapping of the outline of this cave is any good (p.s I tried dungeon generator... it looks too clean cut for me)  you...
  9. Character Creation System

    Okay, After realizing that there is a 1000 actor limit to the rpg maker MV,  & Having been working on a simple 'character creation' system using variables and 'choices' I was coming up with such a hard predicament that in the end, there would be over 3000 actors needed just because of simple...
  10. Statistic balancing

    Sorry sorry. Forgot the tag. My bad. Its added now
  11. Statistic balancing

    I do not have much to offer, but I can if need be. (PM ME) recently, I had been working for countless hundreds of hours getting a lot of the game's backbone mechanics down, until I decided to register onto this site, and discovered Yanfly (TY!!!) which after a lot of study, I've incorperated...
  12. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    ight, I just did that. Not gonna post an update screen shot though. Ty again for the help :). And thanks.  I just hope all my maps end up as good. I have a long way to go. :P
  13. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    okay, reposting this screenshot(its been pretty well edited) after talking with a couple people, and endless stress trying(prob still failing) at learning the whole shift click thing. Hope it is an improvement from the last one (before modifications) (After modifications here)...
  14. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    okay, cool thanks. Hey I'mma pm you with some questions that you just sparked me with. Thanks :P
  15. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    just looking for feed back on one of my first maps. Its one of the six I've made, but prob the one that took me the most time atm.

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