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  • Day #2 Update: I'm still working on the mapping, but I do have most of the textures set up now.
    Day #1 Update: I am doing some mapping in MV with the 3D rendering plugin MV3D enabled. This is by far the most complex map I've ever made in RPG Maker, but its turning out really well so far. I've been working on it in my spare time for a week. I still need to texture the tiles and set up the lighting, which will probably take until the end of the week.
    I'm going to try to start up a streak of updating my status at least once a day with progress on the whatever project that I'm currently working on. I've always found it hard to stay motivated while working, so hopefully this will help with that. I'll post the first real update tomorrow, hope to see you then!
    Cool. Couldn't hurt to do that and see if it helps.
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Trying something out. Is this too many words to read?Profile_Arwen.png
Save/Load complete. Kind of. There should be trinkets or medals that fit in the empty space of the bookmarks to show progression. Was gonna post it earlier, but I couldn't link GIFs. Don't mind all of them having a style level of 000, it just means they're all nakey and don't have anything equipped.
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One question-why is your user picture a shelf of greeting cards at a store? XD
Is reading: book on finding happiness through patience.
Gets: impatient.
The hypocrisy of man.
Finalized my save/load window today! I'm really happy with the results.

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