Ms Littlefish

I'm Meg.

I'm a person from a place and I do things. I especially talk.

As an RPG Maker, I handle the art direction and writing in my projects while my husband is a programmer and more of that mind. We both handle mapping and, of course, design.

My main strength is music composition. I also like to paint and draw at times. I’ve been learning some digital mediums and I’m very happy with what I can do but I have so much more to learn.

I am a lab technician in a rapid response medical laboratory. In the past, I have been a radio DJ, a lab technician for a molecular biologist, and a florist. I've also played in bluegrass bands, Irish folk groups, symphonic orchestras, and in numerous jazz ensembles.
Feb 5, 1990 (Age: 30)
About Me
I love jazz, coffee, and flowers.
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I'll put things here. I am a composer of sorts. Well, there you have it. Bam, Soundcloud. My avatar is by Vexed!
Now, more clicking. Do you want free music resources? Start making music? Have less noise in the MV audio?


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Who would think putting a power button on a side of a laptop is a good thing? You want to move the laptop and you suddenly press the button.
The second draft of my script is almost done, and I don't think I'm going to write a third draft. I'll make changes to dialogue here and there, but I'm happy with the series of events the way they are.
How you feel about font and dialogue box changing for every main character while the minor cast and regular npc get their own styles? Too much?
Just found an obviously custom effect (i.e. edited by me) in my resources>sounds folder called "rip jaw off". Dear Lord what is wrong with me as a person that at some point I needed a sound *specifically* for THAT??
(...rhetorical question.)

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