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    Hugs for you, Shaz. Take your time, take care of yourself. The world just changed for you. My thoughts are with you.
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    My dad passed away last night, after years of battling increasing health issues. Glad I got to spend time alone with him yesterday.
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    I will apologise in advance in case I am overly grumpy or impatient with anyone here over the next couple of weeks. I will try not to be.
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    Someone title this piece for me. Feel free to discuss. Art(?)
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    "Kermit was a Fraud"

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You know, I sometimes ponder if working on the story and details is more necessary than the game itself. Its... technically work, just not direct.

Like for me specifically I never stop evolving the story based on what avenues I can approach in gameplay and then I get anxious thinking "hey good thing I thought about that now instead of later". Repeat ad nauseam.
World Of Final Fantasy Livestream~!
(Ft. Kaliga)
So my office building has 8 individually rented offices in it; 3 of which are social workers and 2 are marriage therapists... Unsurprisingly it always sound very angry out there. Glad I have my own private entrance. :LZSexcite: :thumbsup-right:
I wonder if there's ever been an art challenge that involves drawing faces from the generator.

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