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    Obfuscating Code

    I was thinking of: "VisuStella could be stealing data! We can't tell what is in the code¡" But instead of "stealing data" I would put "stealing code/js from others" We will never know. I THINK we should support the lesser-known programmers on the scene. There are quite a few and very good ones.
  2. Muk adel heid

    Screen Effect Filter MZ (FilterControllerMZ)

    Looks amazing!. Thank you!. I'm definitely using it.
  3. Muk adel heid

    RMMZ Rose Engine[Easy 3D Game builder] MV & MZ

    Well. Nice done!. Ill keep an eye on this, looks promising.
  4. Muk adel heid

    RMMZ Are VisuStella's MZ Plugins encrypted?

    I think people who disagree should just avoid mentioning, patching, or working around these obfuscated plugins. Although I share that your work must be protected. I do not your way of seeing the scene. (wich is about sharing, supporting and helping) Can I share the modifications of these plugins?
  5. Muk adel heid

    Some In-Game Graphics looking blurry or distorted????

    i think is not shown at 100% size. So it's being downscaled without a proper filter.
  6. Muk adel heid

    RMMZ Casting Bars

    Amazing mate. Keep coming!.
  7. Muk adel heid

    Resource Manager Issues

    Same here. It freezes. it hangs. I had to close via task manager on windows 10. My specs are: Steam Version Windows 10 Core i7-9750H CPU @2.60Ghz 32GB RAM 6GB Vram GeForce RTX2060 1TB SSD
  8. Muk adel heid


    I think download button it is going to show up later
  9. Muk adel heid

    ITs getting shape! [MEDIA]

    ITs getting shape!
  10. Muk adel heid

    Frontview Animations on Top of faces/windows

    YEP!. It works. I have some others plugins wich cause some conflict, but I can fix them. Thank you very much!.
  11. Muk adel heid

    Frontview Animations on Top of faces/windows

    I'm trying to make a very specific battle screen using the RMMV front view battle system. The main problem that I had was trying to play animations when players are being attacked I did solve that by adding Yep_BattleStatusWindow (plugin) who allows you to show animations for those attacks...
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    SRD_Battle Status Customizer: Align character's status window to center?

    How many characters are you intended to have at max per battle?
  13. Muk adel heid

    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    I'm not "wowed" that much... They should wrap "mado", "gene" and "sakan together into the MZ.
  14. Muk adel heid

    POPUP over HUD - actor's received damage/heal

    The problem is animations and damage popups are still behind. Nobody reply my last thread. I guess ill find the solution by myself. Thanks.
  15. Muk adel heid

    POPUP over HUD - actor's received damage/heal

    Do you need animations also? I'm looking for the same. I'll watch the thread.

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