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    PH - Video Title

    Same thing, can someone help us ?
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    CGMV Changelog

    That works, thank you very much :LZSjoy:
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    CGMV Changelog

    Yes I think
  4. Multimoon

    CGMV Changelog

    Hello, I use SRD Title Command Customization and I want to add your changelog plugin into the title menu. What is the Symbol and the action of the plugin to put it in the title commands ? Or is there a plugin command to open the changelog scene ? Help :kaomad3:
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    RMMV Problem with switch script call

    Okay thanks I retried and now that works ! Thanks ^^
  6. Multimoon

    RMMV Problem with switch script call

    I checked and my plugin is up to date. So I don't know why...
  7. Multimoon

    RMMV Problem with switch script call

    That not works. Weird...maybe it's cause the other plugins ? Or maybe because I've got a too older version of this plugin. I'm going to check.
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    RMMV Problem with switch script call

    Hello, I'm using HUD Maker plugin from SRDude and I want to make a HUD element only visible when the switch 22 is turned ON. I've read this thread : I've tried to apply their tricks but...
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    RMMV SRD Gold Window Customizer : Level up problem

    Hello, I using SRD Gold Window Customizer and I'd like to show the level gauge with this plugin. But I cant find how to do and I know nothing about Javascript. Can someone help me ?
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    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.1)

    Sorry I not saw the post above !
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    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.1)

    Hello, I installed your plugin, tried to follow your indications but I have a problem : when I call the plugin command : OpenBookMenu, it's empty : English is not my native language so I tried to understood your guide but I think it was not a successful. Any answer ? Thanks ^^
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    Remove "Always Dash" from Options Menu?

    Hi, I had the same problem so I installed your plugin but it delete all the other options installed by other plugins. Another solution ?
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    YEP Common Event Menu (Where is it ?)

    Oh, pity. Thank You ^^
  14. Multimoon

    YEP Common Event Menu (Where is it ?)

    Hi, I found the YEP Common Event Menu plugin 2 month ago. I found a page with a download (It was 1$). But when I decided to bought it 3 days ago, told me « This page no longer exists » so I can’t buy the plugin anymore. There is my question : Where can I find it ? Thanks, and...

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