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  • Blasting out quest lines like they are going out of fashion!
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    The Stranger
    Step right up, step right up! We've got your fetch quests, your escort quests, your kill quests, and your bug ridden, uncompletable quests.
    haha you know it! i have a good method now for whacking them in, the main story line is what im currently finishing off, theres a few side quests done like but i thought once the game has a lore and a story line behind it, the side quests will come easier :D
    647 Dev Hours, 678 Map Variants, Custom RPG Maker MV 1.6.1 Engine (Extensive Plugin List). My stand alone Fantasy RPG {Night Wolf Origins}
    Im almost ready to release the Night Wolf Origins Demo for Windows (Configured for Desktop) Perhaps by Sunday :)
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just hopped into project recruitment... hoping to maybe find some artists to help with parallax maps and whatnot. I could do them myself, but I'm not really good at it so I'd prefer to stick to my strengths which is character art and SOME UI elements.
PRODUCTIVE DAY! I think I FINALLY completed all the items for part 1 of Fallen Feather, that includes the animations, the stats, the pricing, etc. for weapons, armors, key and consumables! all i need to be 100% done is write a few more descriptions (only 10 left out of the 40+ items) and to find some nice pants icons (dont ask lol).
Kinda hate it everytime reinstall rpg maker because the program refuse to testplay
For every amazing step of the way I make, I find myself in a moment where I feel really stupid for not knowing something. I probably shouldn't though, but still, it sometimes feels more obvious than perhaps it is
Just spent $174 on Shining the Holy Ark on the Saturn. Good lord.

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