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  • Wow...everything's changed so much! Haven't been here for a while, but I might be back for sure now...
    Anyone know how to get a forum post draft back???? I think I just lost 3 days of work....
    I'm pretty sure it's not possible. Why were you taking 3 days to make a post? If something takes me that long to sort out I make a backup save on my computer. The drafts just aren't reliable enough to depend on like that.
    Yeah I really meant to make a copy of it but never got around to it. I kept the tab open so I could come back to it but I guess I thought the draft would save it.
    It took me three days because it was me patching together a "games in development" thread from what notes I had elsewhere. So I can reconstruct it, it just won't be as good as the first one....
    Finally done with college!!! So now a lot more of my time and my newly acquired skills can go towards my games. Feels good~
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Holy cow... work is demanding and I'm back in college. I'm kind of scared of my dad right now after the incident, but at least I don't live with him all the time. Anyway, working on Fandom Scouts and my FNAF character set. The FNAF sprites are actually going to be used in the game... unfortunately the enemy sprites are FNAF World traces, so no sharing those.
The honeymoon period is over with Cyberpunk 2077, It sadly doesnt live up to the hype, pretty graphics arent everything (especially when I cant even do something as simple as changing the radio station over!). Replaying Breath of the wild has reminded me what a good game really looks like, plus that one has good glitches!....

Maybe...a Drinkable Water Plant or something?
Who would have thought making interesting birds would be so difficult/fun?

Randomly spawning anywhere on map (sometimes even flying), having a chance of landing on a different spot on map when flying. Also chance of flying off screen if spooked/sees the player

I think I got it!

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