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  • Wow...everything's changed so much! Haven't been here for a while, but I might be back for sure now...
    Anyone know how to get a forum post draft back???? I think I just lost 3 days of work....
    I'm pretty sure it's not possible. Why were you taking 3 days to make a post? If something takes me that long to sort out I make a backup save on my computer. The drafts just aren't reliable enough to depend on like that.
    Yeah I really meant to make a copy of it but never got around to it. I kept the tab open so I could come back to it but I guess I thought the draft would save it.
    It took me three days because it was me patching together a "games in development" thread from what notes I had elsewhere. So I can reconstruct it, it just won't be as good as the first one....
    Finally done with college!!! So now a lot more of my time and my newly acquired skills can go towards my games. Feels good~
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In the strangest turn of events, my animations now live in the characters folder, and my character images now live in the pictures folder. It's a complicated world, but weirdly a more resource efficient one. :LZSexcite:
Did you know that we use robotic spy animals to learn about how different species behave in the wild? We're only a step away from robotic spy humans, and then Terminator. :p
Not being able to do a commission/request after all and having to give back the money is so heartbreaking.

Sometimes I'm just way too eager to help people out and suddenly find myself in a very deep hole because I'm not gonna be able to finish it. I really hope I don't come across as unprofessional to these people and in general. =n="
Learning Action Sequences!

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